How To Fix iPhone 12 Mini Touchscreen Not Working (Unresponsive)

iPhone 12 mini unresponsive touch screen

iPhone 12 mini unresponsive touch screen

Has your iPhone 12 Mini touchscreen become unresponsive? Is the touch screen not working ever since you’ve updated to iOS 15 Beta 5? You’re not the only one facing this issue. Apparently, this beta release can render some iPhone 12 screens unusable. Thankfully, a quick fix will help you restore the screen’s functionality!

iPhone 12 Touchscreen Not Working Bug

Users affected by this iOS 15 Beta 5 issue aren’t able to interact with their iPhone via the touch screen at all:

  • Flashlight and Camera icons on the Lock Screen are grayed out.
  • It’s also impossible to type in the Passcode to authenticate!
  • Face ID won’t work either, because you’re required to enter the Passcode the first time you authenticate after a reboot. The iOS 15 Beta 5 software update, like any other update, triggers an iPhone restart to mark the end of the process, thus requiring the user to authenticate with a Passcode.
  • More, the iPhone can’t also be turned off because swipes aren’t recognized either.
  • Connecting iPhone to Mac or Windows computer for troubleshooting is also not possible, because the device is locked!

How To Fix iPhone 12 Mini Unresponsive Touchscreen

Fortunately, the device is responsive to the input of its buttons. This allows you to force restart it! A hard reboot will flush this bug away and you can use the iPhone 12 mini normally:
how to force restart iPhone 12

  • Click and release Volume Up -> followed by Volume Down.
    -> Press & hold the Side Button until the white Apple logo flashes on the screen.
    -> Release the Side Button and be patient until the iPhone reboots.

Does the touchscreen work now? Use the comments section and let us know. Share your feedback if you encountered the same bug in iOS 15 Beta 5. We’re curious how spread out this problem is.

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