How To Fix iPhone Passcode Not Working When Changing Apple ID (iOS 14)

fix iPhone Passcode Bug in iOS 14

Fix iPhone Passcode Bug in iOS 14

The latest bug fix request received from our readers informs us that a glitch is preventing iOS 14.0.1 from recognizing the iPhone Passcode during the Apple ID password changing process.

Users report that they’re attempting to change their Apple ID password, in the iOS Settings app and they’re prompted with the ‘wrong passcode’ message over and over again until the ‘too many failed attempts’ message prevents them to try again. This happens when they enter their iPhone passcode, at the ‘Enter iPhone passcode’ stage.

Apparently, the same Passcode works when the user returns to the lock screen and attempts to unlock the device, but the identical string isn’t validated in the Settings app.

How To Change Apple ID Password

how to change apple id password
1. Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.
2. Tap on your Apple ID available at the top of the home page.
3. Open Password & Security.
4. Tap Change password.
5. Enter your current iPhone passcode, the one that you’re currently using to unlock your device when Face ID isn’t working.
6. Type the new password for Apple ID and confirm it.

The glitch tackled in this article occurs at step 5. iOS 14 doesn’t seem to be able to recognize the Passcode even if users double and triple-check that their providing the correct number string.

How To Fix iPhone Passcode Not Working

To fix it you can attempt to force restart your iPhone. A reboot could flush some glitches that could cause this problem.

If this doesn’t help your workaround is to change your Apple ID password from your Mac, or any other device (iPhone included) via the Apple ID web app.

1. Change Apple ID Password on Mac

  • Open System Preferences on your Mac. (Using Launchpad or the Apple Menu available in the top-left corner)
  • Click on Apple ID, available in the top-right corner.
  • Open the Password & Security section.
  • Click on Change password…
  • Enter the password that you use to unlock your Mac (the equivalent of the iPhone passcode).
  • Type the new Apple ID password and confirm it.

2. Change Apple ID In Safari

If you don’t own a Mac you can also change your Apple ID credentials from the web interface, with the help of the iOS Safari web browser:
how to change Apple ID password in Safari

  • Open the Apple ID web platform.
  • Log-in with your Apple ID credentials. If two-factor authentication is enabled, confirm the log-in on your iPhone and enter the verification code to sign in.
  • Scroll for the Security section and tap on Change Password…
  • Provide your current Apple ID Password. Next, enter your new Password and confirm it
  • Click Change Password… to finalize the process.
  • Tip: If Change Password… is greyed out it means that your new password isn’t strong enough. Make sure that’s at least 8 characters long, includes both upper and lower cases and has at least one number!

We’ve tried to replicate the iPhone passcode not working when changing Apple ID bug on three different iPhone models running iOS 14.0.1 but couldn’t replicate it. Have you stumbled upon this glitch in 2020? Let us know using the comments section available below.

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