Optimized Battery Charging Not Working On iPhone? (iOS 14)

iOS 14 Optimized Battery Charging bug

iOS 14 Optimized Battery Charging bug?

Is optimized batter charging not working on your iPhone after updating to iOS 14? You’re not the only one! We’ve recently received inquiries from at least three users that claim that the feature isn’t triggered anymore after they updated their devices to the latest iOS generation.

All three cases have one thing in common, the model: iPhone SE 2, Apple’s new low-end terminal released in April 2020. Optimized battery charging works as expected on iPhone 11, 11 Pro, XS, XR and even older models like the iPhone 7. However, it seems that the most recent smartphone released by Apple, the iPhone SE 2nd gen is affected by this iOS 14 glitch.

How To Check If Optimized Battery Charging Works

optimized battery charging not working in iOS 14
If you’re not sure if this feature works on your device you can check the Battery Level graph available in Settings -> Battery.
The graph highlights the time when your iPhone is connected to the charger with the help of a green lightning theme. Each bar represents an hour. If you see that charging is paused at 80%, before it goes for the full 100% it means that the feature works. If your iPhone charges directly to 100% it means that optimized battery charging isn’t working.
Fact: Optimized battery charging is configured to work during nighttime. It usually doesn’t kick-in if you charge your iPhone during daytime because it assumes that you need your device to juice up as fast as possible.

How To Fix Optimized Battery Charging

The following tips have been provided by Apple support staff to one of our readers that reported the problem:
1. Disable & Re-Enable Feature
how to fix optimized battery charging bug

  • 1. Open Settings.
  • 2. Scroll for Battery.
  • 3. Tap on Battery Health
  • 4. Disable Optimized Battery Charging.
  • 5. Charge your iPhone during the night.
  • 6. Enable the feature back in the morning and the feature should work in the upcoming full-charge cycle.

2. Restore Device In DFU Mode
A more extreme fix also recommended by Apple support is to restore your device with the help of DFU Mode. However, this is an extreme solution and hasn’t been confirmed to fix the optimized battery charging problem.

3. Software Update
iOS 14.0.1 hasn’t fixed this problem according to those that have reported it, but we do recommend you to update in case you haven’t already.
Apple has stopped signing iOS 13.7.1 which means that you can’t downgrade from iOS 14 in case you planned to revert to a previous version that does not included the optimized battery charging issue.
If this problem will be fixed in an upcoming update, we’ll update this article as soon as available.

Why Is Optimized Battery Charging Important?

This is a new feature that Apple introduced starting with iOS 13. It has the role to extend the lifetime and performance of your iPhone’s battery, by learning your charging pattern and filling the battery to 100& only close before you’re scheduled wake-up time. This helps prevent premature battery ageing and keeps the Battery Health status at a high level for a prolonged time.

Is optimized battery charging not working on your iPhone too? Let us know, with the help of the comments section available below. Please mention the iPhone model and software version. As soon as we have more confirmations, we’ll send feedback to Apple about this potential iOS 14 bug!

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