‘Your System Has Run Out Of Application Memory’ Error On Mac

macos Monterey Memory issue

macos Monterey Memory issue

Are you getting the ‘Your system has run out of application memory’ warning after the macOS Monterey update? This popup shows up although your Mac isn’t performing any resource intensive tasks? You’re asked to quit any application that you’re not using, to fix the memory issue?

macOS Monterey Memory Leak Issues

your system has run out of application memory warning

Source: Twitter

This problem was reported to us by Arturo in the comments section of our macOS 12.0.1 review page:

“I’m frequently getting the ‘your system has run out of memory’ warning since updating! I don’t perform any resource intensive tasks.”

I managed to find lots of similar complaints on the web including:

  • Apple’s Discussion Forums:

    “I have started receiving this error message frequently. Can’t understand why. I have 16GB of RAM and activity monitor typically shows plenty of RAM available.”

  • Reddit:

    “Your system has run out of application memory on m1 Mac mini”

  • and

  • Twitter:

    “So glad I got 64GB of memory on my new Mac so I can use 26GB of it for control center… Wait… what.”

Conclusion: A macOS 12.0.1 memory leak issue is affecting a wide range of Macs including the new 14″ and 16-inch MacBook Pro 2021! Light native apps such as Control Center, Calendar or popular third-party apps like Firefox can end up using tens of GB!

How To Fix macOS Monterey Memory Leak Issue

Apple should address this bug in an upcoming software update! Until then, you can Force Quit apps (alt +cmd + esc) that are involved in the memory leak!

Apparently, the problem is also temporarily fixed if you reboot your Mac. You can also apply a force restart to clear this glitch:
how to force restart Mac

  • Simultaneously press & hold the cmd (command) + ctrl (Control) keys along with the Power button until the screen goes blank and the Mac restarts.

How To Check Memory Usage On Mac

how to check memory usage on mac
If you’re not prompted with the ‘Your System Has Run Out Of Application Memory’ warning, but still want to see how memory is used by the apps running your computer you can check the Activity Monitor:

  • Open the Launchpad or Finder from the Dock.
  • Search for Activity Monitor.
  • Click the Memory tab in the top sidebar. The apps that are using the most resources are displayed at the top of the list!

Important: Help us determine how widespread this issue is! Confirm it by commenting to this article if you’re also experiencing it. Do mention your Mac model as well as the apps that are involved in the memory leak.

Also don’t hesitate to mention a better workaround if you found it!

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