How To Manage Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Connectivity In iOS 11

how to manage wi-fi and bluetooth connectivity in iOS 11

How to manage Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity in iOS 11.

The redesigned Control Center promoted by iOS 11 has fulfilled the expectations of iPhone and iPad fans. Everyone was looking for customization options and for the option of having many more toggles and shortcuts only one swipe away. However, Apple had to intervene in some way to make sure that the experience isn’t perfect. Yes, in this article I will focus on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles, available in the iOS 11 Control Center’s connectivity section. These are shortcuts available ever since this shortcut panel was introduced. In the 11th iOS generation, Apple has decided to change the way they work!

The Cupertino-based tech company motivates that the three states introduced for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are available to improve the way iPhone and iPad users interact with services such as AirPlay, AirDrop, Apple Pencil, Apple Watch, Continuity (Handoff), Instant Hotspot and Location Services. Now, if you tap on the active Wi-Fi or Bluetooth icons, to turn them off, in the Control Center, you will only be able to disconnect your iPhone and iPad from the current network or devices that they’re connected with. However, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth receivers remain active in the background and auto connect to another known hotspot when it comes in range, or to a Bluetooth device that it was previously connected too.

How To Turn Off Wi-Fi In iOS 11
If you’re the type of user that likes to keep things simple, you’ll most likely find the new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Control Center button behavior, at least annoying. Thankfully, there is a way to completely turn them off, but this requires additional taps and time spent for an actions that you have been used to complete within a second!
how to turn off wi-fi in ios 11 1. Open the Settings app from the iOS Home screen.
2. Tap on Wi-Fi.
3. Toggle the knob next to the Wi-Fi label, towards the OFF position.
Tip: Notice that the Wi-Fi icon is crossed out with a white line. This signifies that Wi-Fi is completely disabled on your device!
Important: If the Wi-Fi icon is only greyed out and not also crossed out with the white line, it means that you only disconnected your iPhone and iPad from the current network but the Wi-Fi chip is still working (consuming additional battery) and will auto-connect to another known hotspot that is in range.
Fact: Turning your Wi-Fi back ON can be done, as usual, from the Control Center. Tap the icon and if it turns blue it means that the functionality is back on.

How To Turn Off Bluetooth In iOS 11
how to turn off bluetooth in ios 11 The same modus operandi applies for the Bluetooth feature. A blue icon in the Control Center means that it is enabled. Tap it and it will grey out and disconnect from the devices that it was currently connected to, however it will still continue to be idle in the background and deplete precious battery juice. To turn it off completely you have to:
1. Open the Settings app from the iOS Home screen.
2. Tap on Bluetooth.
3. Toggle the knob next to the Bluetooth label, towards the OFF position. Notice the greyed out and crossed out Bluetooth icon in the Control Center.
Fact: In iOS 11, whenever the iPhone and iPad reboots, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are automatically turned on! The same applies for exiting the Airplane Mode!

airplane mode disconnects bluetooth and wi-fi in ios 11 Trick: There is also a way to turn off (not disconnect) Wi-Fi and Bluetooth directly from the Control Center. But this requires you to bring your iPhone into Airplane Mode, which also kills your cellular connectivity which is not practical at all. More, in iOS 11 when tapping on the Airplane Mode icon only Mobile Data and Bluetooth connections are turned off. Wi-Fi remains on, unless you don’t specifically tap its icon to turn it off!

What do you think about the new way Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can be tweaked from the Control Center? How about the other iOS 11 features like Screen Recording and other.