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Tag: Mobile Data

how to manage wi-fi and bluetooth connectivties in iOS 11

How To Manage Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Connectivity In iOS 11

The redesigned Control Center promoted by iOS 11 has fulfilled the expectations of iPhone and iPad fans. Everyone was looking for customization options and for the option of having many more toggles and shortcuts only one swipe away. However, Apple had to intervene in some way to make sure that the experience isn’t perfect. Yes,…

ios 11 background app refresh options

iOS 11 Brings New Background App Refresh Option

The 11th iOS generation is packed with changes and new features. After reviewing the most important ones like revamped Control Center, redesigned App Store app, unified Notifications, Screen Recording and many others it’s time to also look at the smaller changes, that are very important too. One of them is the addition of a new…

iPhone spinning wheel next to battery indicator

8 Ways To Fix The iPhone’s Always Loading (Spinning Wheel) Internet Connectivity Indicator

Yes, I’m talking about the spinning wheel that appears right next to the Battery Percentage indicator, in the top-right corner of your iPhone’s screen. This “Loading” icon signals that your device is involved in an Internet data exchange with Apple’s servers or any other third party web machine. You can check this active Internet connectivity…

Cannot connect to App Store iPhone error.

How To Get Past The “Cannot Connect To App Store” Error

Although this isn’t a new issue, caused by a delicate iTunes & App Store Setting, we still receive a lot of requests from our readers about how to get past the “Cannot Connect To App Store” error screen. This unwanted message is displayed, on your iPhone, if you attempt to open the App Store and…