How To Send Audio Messages via FaceTime

face time audio message

iOS 8 FaceTime Audio Message.

Another great feature included with the iOS 8 release is the ability to send audio messages to an iPhone contact. Until now, Apple provided the option of video/audio calling another contact via Internet with the help of FaceTime. The only requirements are that both talk partners poses an iOS, like iPhone or iPad. Both devices have to be connected to an Internet source, preferably WiFi.

iMessages are also available, sparing you from the original carrier SMS service and facilitating short message communication, even when your iPhone had a lack of carrier signal, but the advantage of a WiFi hotspot. However, now besides the text messages, audio recordings can also be sent!

The new FaceTime Audio Message feature proves itself useful when you wish to send a message to your contact, but don’t have the time or the means to type it. You can speak it out, while using your hands for something else. Or, as observed in the nearby animation, if you wish to send a recording to one of your contacts that is not available for a FaceTime call, but will be able to play it later on.

How To Setup FaceTime
For FaceTime to work you need to associate and Apple ID with it. Visit Settings, scroll for FaceTime and set the Apple ID. You also have to activate the FaceTime option by tapping the ON/OFF Switch. After, FaceTime is setup and enabled you are ready to engage in 4 types of communications:
Video Calls: a normal call that includes video feedback from the front or rear facing camera
Audio Calls: a normal call with the video option disabled
Audio Messages: an audio message that’s recorded and sent with a simple button press.
iMessages: Apple’s data version of a carrier’s SMS feature.

How To Send FaceTime Audio Messages
There are multiple ways of initiate a FaceTime Audio Message conversation. You can either tap on the FaceTime Home Screen logo, select a contact and choose the Audio message option, or search the contact via Spotlight and start a conversation. There is also the option to instantly reply to an iMessage using the Interactive Notifications feature.
In order to record an audio message, you have to tap and hold the microphone button. After you release you are prompted with 3 options:

  • Play: you can play your recording and see if it’s OK to send, by pressing the Play symbol.
  • Cancel: taping the ‘X’, or swiping left, deletes your recording and you have to start over.
  • Send: Send the FaceTime Audio Message by pressing on the up-pointing arrow, or by swiping the recording up.
  • Tip: Use the Raise to Listen shortcut to record and send audio iMessages with a simple gesture.