iOS 16.3 Issues, Bugs Fixed, New Features And Changes

iOS 16.3

iOS 16.3

Apple has released iOS 16.3 (20D47) for iPhone 8 and later models, today, Monday January 23, as leaked by us a couple of days ago. Check out all the new features, bugs fixed, ongoing problems as well as new issues reported by users!

iOS 16.3 Issues

iOS 16.3 bugs
Problems reported for this version, along with available workarounds are tracked here:

  • 1. Duplicate Mail notifications although a single email is received. Reported by Jesse2935.
    Fix: We’ve covered this issue during iOS 15. Here are some potential fixes.
  • 2. Lock Screen notification animations are still not running smooth in this build as reported by RosstheBoss421.
  • 3. Face ID Try Again prompt shows for a short time after successful unlock for this Reddit user. Does it happen to you too?
  • 4. Haptic feedback weaker than previous versions for TL24SS. Do you agree?
  • 5. Memory leaks causing app & system hangs seem to be still occurring. Can you confirm?
  • 6. Messages alerts not working after this update for Barbara.
  • 7. iPhone restarting when opening apps. First it freezes and then it reboots. Reported by Rudrakumar.
    Fix: This issue has been reported in past iOS 16 version. The fix requires an iOS 16.3 clean install!
  • 8. Black Lock Screen bug is still happening for Nigel (iPhone XS), although Apple claims to have fixed in the release notes.
    Feedback: Anyone else still having this issue?
  • 9. iCloud Drive turned off after iOS 16.3 update and won’t turn on: “An unknown error occurred. Please try again later.” . Reported by Ling.
    Fix: These are some of the suggested troubleshooting options.
  • 10. Empty notifications on Lock Screen is an iOS 16.3 issue reported by this Reddit user. Are you encountering the same?
    Fix: Turn off Always On display, to prevent it from happening.
  • 11. Advanced Data Protection something wen’t wrong error reported by Martha.
    Fix: Reboot iPhone and try again.
  • 12. Notification Center Animation on Lock Screen buggy for laarkillz.
    Note: iPhone restart won’t fix it.
  • 13. Messages reply option showing up at the bottom of the Messages home screen and is unresponsive. Reported by Exit24.
    Workaround: Open a conversation and return to the Messages home screen and it will disappear.
  • 14. Safari bookmarks messed up, show in random order is an iOS 16.3 bug reported by Dash795 and confirmed by iWonder.
    Fact: This looks likes a Safari 16.3 problem as similar glitches have been reported on Mac.
  • 15. Email content taking forever to load in Mail for Bruce.
  • 16. AirPods case battery level not showing in Settings and widget for Juanito.
    Fix: Value only shows when AirPods are in case. A rudimentary way to fix the AirPods Case 0 bug!
  • 17. To be updated! (Contribute in the comments.)

iOS 16.3 Features

Changes and improvements mentioned in the release notes, as well as reported by users are highlighted here:

iOS 16.3 Release Notes

iOS 16.3 release notes

  • 1. New Unity wallpaper that honors Black history and culture in time for the Black History Month. More details available here.
    iOS 16.3 unity wallpaper
  • 2. Security Keys for Apple ID allow users to increase the security of accounts by using a physical security key, as part of the twofactor authentication sign in process on new devices.
    iOS 16.3 security keys
    How To: They’re available in Settings -> Apple ID -> Password & Security -> Add Security Keys.
  • 3. Support for HomePod 2 the new smart speaker unveiled by Apple a couple of days ago..
  • 4. Emergency SOS calls now require the user to hold Side button + Volume Up/Down button before releasing to prevent inadvertent emergency calls.
    Emergency sos iOS 16.3 text improvements

    Fact: Call with Hold and Release, Call with 5 Button Presses and more wording changes noticeable in the screenshot comparison posted nearby.

Other iOS 16.3 Changes

  • 5. Advanced iCloud Data Protection expands worldwide. You can enable it in Settings -> Apple ID -> iCloud -> Advanced Data Protection
  • 6. HomePod Alarms can play Ambient Sounds too instead of only Apple Music. Spotted by kesenwang.
    How to: Available in Home -> HomePod -> New Alarm -> Play Media.
  • 7. HomePod temperature and humidity readings in the Home app. (Requires iOS 16.3 and HomePod 16.3 updates)!
  • 8. Thermostat On/Off toggle has an icon as reported by tripple-g.
  • 9. To be updated. (Contribute in the comments!)
  • iOS 16.3 Bugs Fixed

    The release notes also mentions a series of problems that have been addressed:

    • 1. Freeform bug that prevents drawing strokes created with Apple Pencil or your finger from appearing on shared boards has been fixed!
    • 2. Black Lock Screen wallpaper bug has been addressed! We’ve covered this problem here!
    • 3. Horizontal lines on iPhone 14 Pro Max with LG display has been fixed! We’ve covered this issue here.
    • 4. Home Lock Screen widget doesn’t display the accurate Home app status, has been solved.
    • 5. Siri not responding properly to music requests has been fixed.
    • 6. Siri requests in CarPlay not working properly has been also taken care of.

    Apple might have also covered other problems without mentioning them in the update log.

    Other Fixes

    • 7. Fitness app lag has been addressed as well as incorrect Activity Rings have been fixed. Confirmed by SixOnTheFirstBall.
    • 8. AirPods Case 0 battery bug has been fixed too!
    • 9. Battery life improved after iOS 16.3 update. (Up to 20% more screen On time.)
    • 10. Streaming from iPhone to TV via HDMI has been fixed as reported by Kayla
    • .

    • 11. Volume buttons not working during a call issue has been fixed in this update. Confirmed by Tomasz.
    • 12. To be updated! (Contribute in the comments.)

    Security Fixes: Apple has also patched lots of vulnerabilities in this update. You can check them all here in this support document!

    iOS 16.3 Download

    • This update is now available, over-the-air in Settings -> General -> Software Update on iPhone 8 or later models.
    • Tap Download and Install and be patient until the new software is requested, download, prepared, verified and installed on your iPhone!
    • Fact: iPhone automatically reboots when the process completes. Input your passcode an enjoy iOS 16.3!

    Have you installed 16.3 on iPhone? Did you notice any other changes and fixes not mentioned in this article? What about new bugs? Use the comments!

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