Real Racing 3 Crashing On Startup in iPadOS & iOS 16, tvOS 16?

real racing 3 crashing ios 16

Real Racing 3 crashing iOS 16

Real Racing 3 crashing on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV right after launch? Does this happen after the iOS 16, iPadOS 16 respective tvOS 16 update? Game crashes on startup, making it impossible for you to play it? App runs smoothly in iOS 15? This is an ongoing issue!

Real Racing 3 Crashing On Startup

This bug has been reported by Caleb in our iOS 16 review page:

“real racing 3 crashes. doesn’t work anymore after ios 16 update. i am using iPhone 13 Pro Max 512. I am not able to open it.”

This is a widespread issue as I managed to find similar reports on

Apparently EA Sports has to update their Real Racing 3 App Store app to support changes that have been included in iOS 16 and tvOS 16. A fix is in progress as confirmed on the game’s Twitter account:

How To Fix Real Racing 3 Keeps Crashing In iOS 16

If you can’t stand the wait until an App Store update is pushed you have the following options:

1. Update To iOS 16.1 / iPadOS 16.1 Beta

According to nathan_lin (Reddit), Real Racing works on an iPad Air running iPadOS 16.1 beta.

“it runs perfectly on my iPad Air running iPadOS 16.1 beta.”

Tip: Apple has recently rolled out the first iOS 16.1 beta. Be aware though, that you might stumble upon other bugs, while chasing Real Racing 3!

2. Downgrade To iOS 15.6.1

A second option implies reverting back to iOS 15!
iOS 15.6.1 is still signed at the time of writing. So, if your Real Racing 3 addiction is so high, proceed as follows:

  • Download the iOS 15.6.1 IPSW file from (
  • Connect iPhone to computer via USB to lightning cable.
  • Create Backup.
  • Hold alt/option key + click on the Restore iPhone option. (for Windows Shift + click Restore iPhone).
  • Select the recently downloaded iOS 15.6.1 ipsw file and follow the on-screen prompts.

Have you managed to fix Real Racing 3 crashes? Do you have a better solution or more questions? Share your feedback in the comments!

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