iPhone Front Camera Black Screen After iOS Update (Fix!?)

front camera black screen issue

Front camera black screen issue

Do you get the iPhone front camera black screen issue right after an iOS update? This problem has been reported right after the release of iOS 15.5. Apply the following troubleshooting tips and let us know which one worked!

iPhone Front Camera Black Screen Issue

Precious has reported this problem:

“Hi. my iPhone is XS Max updated to the iOS 15.5 and has been having a problem with the front camera. the back camera takes time to work but it eventually does the front camera just shows a black screen.”

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How To Fix iPhone Front Camera Black Screen Problem

  • 1. Switch Between Cameras

    First, try to commute several times between main and front camera. This could unjam the selfie camera.

  • 2. Force Quit Camera

    Next, open the App Switcher and force quit the Camera app. Open Camera and try the front camera again. Does it work now?

  • 3. Restart iPhone

    A minor glitch could case the iPhone front camera black screen problem. A reboot could fix it:
    Click and quickly release Volume Up, Volume Down and press & hold the Side Button until the screen turns black.

  • 4. Turn Off VoiceOver

    If you’re using the VoiceOver feature you should try to turn it off and check if it makes any difference.

    How to: Open Settings -> Accessibility -> VoiceOver (Turn Off)

  • 5. Update To iOS 15.6 Beta

    Last but not least, if this issue is caused by an iOS 15.5 bug you can consider updating to iOS 15.6 Public Beta, which is currently available if you join the Apple Beta Software Program. More details are available here.

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