iPhone Shutting Off Randomly After iOS 16.6 Update?

iphone shutting off randomly ios 16.6

iPhone shutting off randomly

iPhone shutting off randomly after iOS 16.6 update? It happens during the night while the device is plugged in? It only powers back on after a couple of hours? In the morning, you’re asked to enter Passcode to enable Face ID?

iPhone Shutting Off Randomly iOS 16.6 Bug?

This issue has been reported by Rick:

“Since updating to iOS 16.6, my phone randomly shuts off. Once restarted, it can’t find the cellular network (no bars).”

This appears to be an ongoing issue as we’ve found similar reports on Reddit:

“My phone randomly turned off when I was sleeping.”

How To Tell If Your iPhone Turned Off

If it happened during the night you can see it in the Battery Level graph:

  • 1. Open Settings and go for Battery.
  • 2. Check the Battery Level graph. If bars are missing in the graph it means that the device was powered off during that timeframe.
  • More: If you try to unlock your device and instead of Face ID you’re asked to input Passcode to enable Face ID, it means that your iPhone recently rebooted.

How To Fix iPhone Shutting Down Unexpectedly

At the moment, it’s unclear why iPhones running iOS 16.6 power off while charing at night. If you notice a pattern. share your feedback in the comments.

If you’re affected by this unexpected behavior please confirm it too. We’ve reported this problem to Apple and have provided this article as reference.

Will provide more updates here as soon as a workaround, a fix or just more info is available!

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