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ios 8 time-lapse feature

iOS 8 Camera App Has Built-in Time-Lapse Function

Yet another iOS 8 Camera app improvement, that is definitely worth mentioning, is the new Time-Lapse function. It comes in addition to the five previously available camera shooting modes (Photo, Video, Slow-Mo, Square and Pano) and provides the iPhone user the chance of creating spectacular videos that manage to contract time and render impressive masterpieces….

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Shoot Time Lapse Videos Using Your iPhone

Rumors state that Apple will include in their upcoming iPhone 6 flagship, a spectacular Time Lapse option. I tend to credit them considering the success of the Slow-Motion feature introduced together with the iPhone 5S and iOS 7. Update: It’s confirmed iOS 8 comes with built-in Time-Lapse option within the Camera app! However, you might…