The iPhone X Emergency SOS Shortcut

iphone x emergency sos

iPhone X Emergency SOS.

Unfortunately, sometimes situations arise when we are in a sudden need of help and a timely SOS call can become lifesaving. However, if you don’t know the Emergency service number, or the situation doesn’t allow you to open the Phone app and manually dial 911, iOS 11 has a nice feature to help you out. It’s obviously named Emergency SOS! This option comes with a shortcut that allows iPhone owners to dial for help even if they’re not looking at the device.

For most iPhone models a quintuple-click of the Side Button (Sleep/Wake button on older models) does the trick and the iOS device starts dialing for help. However, because of the Home button-less design, the iPhone X has all classic iOS commands mixed up and The Emergency SOS feature makes no difference.

The iPhone X Emergency SOS Trick
How To: Press & hold the Side Button and one of the Volume buttons until the power off screen appears. If you continue to hold down the buttons a 5-second countdown starts and the 911 call is automatically initiated when the timer expires.
Tip: You also have the option to release the above mentioned button combo when the power off template appears. Next, slide-left on the Emergency SOS label to initiate the call!
Fact: The Emergency SOS feature knows in which country or region you’re located and automatically calls the correct service. However, in countries like China you have to choose between police, fire or ambulance.

Auto Call Quickens The Procedure
The Emergency SOS features also comes with an Auto Call option that automatically starts the countdown timer when you use the above mentioned button combination. This makes the procedure easier but also more prone for accidental calls, so please use it wisely. Here is how to enable it:
1. Open the Settings app from the iPhone X Home screen.
2. Scroll for Emergency SOS.
3. Tap the knob next to the Auto Call label to enable it.

iPhone X Emergency Contacts
iOS 11 also gives you the option to configure Emergency Contacts. An alert message is dispatched to them after the emergency call is terminated. The feature informs your loved ones about your current location and further updates if your whereabouts change during a predefined time-frame after a distress call has been made.
To add your Emergency Contact proceed as follows:
1. Open the Health app from the iOS Home screen.
2. Tap on Medical ID.
3. Choose Edit in the top-right corner.
4. Scroll down for the Emergency Contacts area.
5. Tap “+” to add an SOS contact.
Fact: You can add one or more Emergency Contacts. Each of them will be messaged if needed.

Fact: The Apple Watch also owns the Emergency SOS function. It was introduced along watchOS 3.0 and works with a long-press of the Side button.

Trick: Did you know that you can also use the Emergency SOS feature to temporary disable Face ID on the iPhone X?