tvOS 15.3 Beta Download, Features, Bugs And More

tvOS 15.3 beta update

tvOS 15.3 beta update

Apple as rolled out tvOS 15.3 Beta, build number 19K5527e, for Apple TV 4K and HD models. This release comes just a couple of days after the public release of tvOS 15.2 and marks the start of the next beta testing phase!

tvOS 15.3 Release Date

This is most likely the last software update pushed by Apple in 2021. tvOS 15.3 should be released alongside iOS 15.3, watchOS 8.4 and macOS 12.2 by February, 2022.

Important: Because of this we recommend you to only install this tvOS 15.3 beta on your test Apple TV. In case of a major bug or a significant performance issue you might have to wait for several weeks until Beta 2 is released with a fix!

tvOS 15.3 Beta Download

The Developer beta can be installed on a compatible Apple TV after downloading the appropriate profile using Xcode! (You have to be a registered Apple Developer!)

how to enroll Apple TV to public beta updates
However, tvOS 15.3 Public beta should also roll out soon! To grab it you need to enroll your Apple TV to the tvOS 15 beta update stream as instructed in the Apple Beta Software Program website :

  • 1. Sign In in with your Apple ID in Settings -> Accounts. (Use the same Apple ID that you used to Sign Up on the Beta Software Platform).
  • 2. Turn ON Beta updates in Settings -> System -> Software Updates.
  • how to turn on Beta Update on Apple TV

  • 3. Go for Get Beta Updates and Agree with Apple’s Terms.
  • 4. Restart Apple TV.
  • 5. Go back to Settings -> System -> Software Updates and tvOS 15.3 Beta should be available.

tvOS 15.3 Features

Apple doesn’t provide any release notes for this update. Any new features and changes have to be uncovered during testing. Help us and share your findings in the comments section:

  • To be updated!

tvOS 15.3 Beta Bugs

The same goes for bugs! If you notice any issues fixed, inform us:

Bugs Fixed

  • To be updated!

New Bugs

Any new problems that occur in this beta are mentioned below:

  • To be updated!

Have you updated Apple TV to tvOS 15.3 Beta 1? What’s your feedback? Use the comments section!

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