Volume Buttons Not Working On iPhone During Calls? (Fix?)

volume button not working during call

Volume button not working during call.

Are volume buttons not working on iPhone after iOS 16 update? You’re not able to lower or increase the volume during calls? Clicking Volume Up or Volume Down causes no change in audio intensity whatsoever? Here is what you can do!

Volume Buttons Not Working iOS 16

This issue has been reported by Paul:

“Not able to change volume with buttons during calls. Is this a bug or another functionality that apple considered tweaking in ios 16?”

We’ve found similar complaints on Reddit:

“…still experiencing the bug where you cant adjust the volume while in a phone call when the phone is against your face.”

Update: This bug has been fixed by the iOS 16.3 update! Thanks Tomasz for confirming.

How To Fix Volume Button Unresponsive

This strange behavior might be related with the new Prevent Lock to End Call functionality, that allows you to turn off display during a call by clicking the Side Button, without hanging up.

Intentionally or not, when enabled this feature might also render the Volume buttons unusable. Please try the following:

  • Open Settings and browse for Accessibility -> Touch.
  • Turn Off Prevent Lock to End Call.
  • Dial a new call and test out the Volume buttons are they working now?

Workaround For iOS 16 Volume Buttons Issue

If the above setting won’t fix this strange behaviour for you try the following:

  • While on a call, distance the iPhone from your face and bring it into normal holding position.
  • Click Volume Up or Volume Down. Is the earpiece audio level being altered? It should work!
  • However, as soon as you bring your iPhone back to your ear they will become unresponsive again.

Have you managed to fix Volume button not working during calls? Do you have a better solution or other problems to report? Share your feedback in the commnets!

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