How To Set-Up And Configure Face ID In iPhone X Running iOS 11

iphone x face id setup

iPhone X Face ID setup.
Source: talkaboutdesign.

It’s virtually confirmed! Apple has briefly leaked the iOS 11 Golden Master version and a few lucky ones have managed to grab it! They uncovered a series of key new features that will be presented during the September 12 keynote. The 10th anniversary iPhone will be marketed as iPhone X. One of its most impressive features is the Facial recognition technology, labeled as Face ID. It completely replaces the functionality of Touch ID, which has been left out along with the physical Home button.

The Face ID feature is mainly used to unlock the iPhone X, but it’s also available to validate Apple Pay purchases and Safari AutoFill login credentials. Of course, that your Passcode input will still be required every time you reboot your iPhone or if the sensor fail to recognize your face. So, let’s take a look at how to set-up Face ID on the iPhone X, using the front-facing selfie camera.

Enroll Your Face
how to set-up face id on iphone x Similar to the Touch ID setup process you first have to allow the iPhone X to analyze your face. This is done from the iOS 11 Settings app.
1. Open Setting and browse for the Face ID & Passcode menu.
2. Tap on Enroll Face.
3. Read the Face ID Setup tips and press Get Started when ready.
4. Position your face in the viewfinder’s frame.
5. Gently move your head until you complete the circle, to allow your iPhone to recognize all the features of your face.
6. Tap Continue, after the Face ID scan is completed.

Face ID Usability
In iOS 11 you can configure the facial recognition technology to authenticate three types of action:
– iPhone unlock.
– iTunes & App Store purchases.
– Safari AutoFill password.
Tip: Tweak this functionality from the Face ID & Passcode Settings menu described above!

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