Apple Maps COVID-19 Self-Isolation Alerts For Travelers

Apple Maps self-isolation notification for International Travelers

Apple Maps self-isolation notification for International Travelers. Credits: Credits: Kyle Seth

Apple Maps is now prompting international travelers to self-isolate for 14 days in order to prevent them from potentially spreading out the novel Coronavirus in their communities. A pop up is displayed on your iPhone screen if the stock Maps app locates you in the proximity of an airport. It assumes that you traveled internationally and it asks you to stay at home for the upcoming two weeks.

Have you been in an airport to pick up a friend or colleague and got a notification from Apple Maps asking you to self-isolate for the next 14 days? That’s because the Apple Maps COVID-19 notifications for self-isolation are triggered by geo-location based alerts. This proves the app isn’t spying on you and doesn’t use your personal details to find out if you traveled internationally.

Apple puts a lot of emphasis on privacy nowadays and is preparing many enhancements in iOS 14, like the option allow apps only approximate location access, Select Photos for third party apps and much more.

To get back to the self-isolation recommendation. You can tap on the CDC COVID-19 travel recommendations link to find out more details. You’re asked to self-isolate for two weeks, check your body temperature twice a day, don’t use public transport and stay 2 meters away from anyone else.

While you self-isolate you can use Apple Maps to check for nearby COVID-19 testing sites, in case you develop any Coronavirus symptoms. Groceries and Food Delivery are also prioritized by Apple Maps during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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