Google Maps And Apple Maps Focus On Groceries And Medical Services During COVID-19 Pandemic

Apple Maps prioritizes Groceries, Food Delivery and Medical service location suggestions

Apple Maps prioritizes Groceries, Food Delivery and Medical service location suggestions.

A couple of days ago, Google has updated its Maps app for iOS Android to focus on suggesting locations that are most likely to be helpful for users during the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of listing restaurants, fast food places, gas stations and coffee shops at the top of the search categories, the app now focuses on Grocery shops, Food Delivery services, pharmacy and hospital locations.

Apple has followed the trend and has also made similar changes to the native iOS Maps app. If you attempt to Search Nearby you will find the Groceries category at the top of the list, followed by Food Delivery, Medical Shops and Hospitals. Petrol Pumps which have been quite popular before the novel Coronavirus outbreak are now 5th in the list, followed by former leaders Restaurants, Pizza and Banks/ATMs.

Google Maps COVID-19 info prompt On top of the above mentioned changes Google has also updated Maps to show business that are closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The app encourages users to contact a doctor if they are experiencing flu-like symptoms. Google Maps does have a Coronavirus (COVID-19) quick link, featured at the bottom of the chart. Tapping it opens a Google Search with vital info regarding the pandemic.
Fact: Most countries have currently set lock downs in place and promote social distancing in order to stop the outbreak. People are only allowed to go out for groceries (recommended, once every 7-10 days) or medical emergencies. This is why it Google and Apple have set Groceries, Food Delivery and Medical Services at the top of the location suggestion lists!

Apple seems a bit delayed with fine tuning the Maps app to more user-friendly during the Coronavirus outbreak. However, the Cupertino-based tech giant has focused its efforts in other directions. One of them being the COVID-19 Screening Tool released in collaboration with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), The White House Coronavirus Task Force and FEMA. This tool allows to self-asses your health status, keep track of your symptoms and share your history with your doctor.

Fact: Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has recently announced that the company has managed to source over 20 million face masks, from its supply chain. The protective gear will be donated to healthcare professionals all over the world!

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