FaceTime Crashes When Connecting On iPhone In iOS 15?

FaceTime crashes when connecting

FaceTime crashes when connecting

Is FaceTime crashing on iPhone whenever you pick up a call? Does this happen ever since you’ve updated iPhone or iPad to iOS 15, respectively iPadOS 15? FaceTime crashes when connecting aren’t widespread but they’ve been reported before!

FaceTime Crashing In iOS 15

Daria F. has highlighted this issue to us:

“FaceTime crashes when answering calls!…Just updated from iOS 14.8.”

We’ve also found a similar complaint on Reddit, from an iPhone 12 Pro user.

How To Fix FaceTime Crashes When Connecting

At the time of writing, we couldn’t replicate this issue, but based on other reports here is what you can do to fix this:

1. Restart iPhone

First, you should reboot your device. A fresh start might clear minor glitches that could prevent FaceTime from working properly and connecting to the incoming call.

How to: You can power iPhone Off and turn it back On, or do this in a single step with the help of the force restart combination!

2. Turn FaceTime Off and Back On

Next up, try to disable FaceTime in Settings. Wait for a couple of seconds and enable it back!

3. ReInstall FaceTime

how to offload FaceTime
If the app still crashes when connecting to an incoming call, you should also try to remove FaceTime and install it back. I recommend you to use the offload option. It will allow you to automatically restore the app without losing any data.

How to: Browse for Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage -> FaceTime -> Offload App -> Reinstall.

4. Remove Email Address / Phone Number

how to fix facetime crashes on iphone
If you’re using multiple email addresses or phone numbers for FaceTime, try to disable some of them and use a single option. This could fix FaceTime crashes on iPhone.

How to: Browse for Settings -> FaceTime and tweak the settings available under ‘You Can Be Reached By FaceTime At’ section.

Tip: Maintain active only the same email address that you use with your Apple ID!

Have you managed to fix FaceTime crashes on iPhone in iOS 15? Did any of the above tips help out? Do you have a better solution? Use the comments section to share your feedback.

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