How To Enable The New Facebook Quiet Mode

Facebook adds new Quiet Mode feature

Facebook adds new Quiet Mode feature.

Facebook has updated its iOS app with a new feature, called Quiet Mode. It’s tole is to help users to better control the time they spend on the social media platform. With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing some of tend to exaggerate with the time spend on our smartphones. Social media platforms are one of the reason why we might start neglecting our loved ones in the mid of the novel Coronavirus outbreak.

Quite Mode allows you to put a temporary hold to your Facebook scrolling. Until now, you could only set a time reminder and get an alert when you would reach the limit, without any other restrictions. However, with the new feature you are stopped from accessing Facebook, unless you manually decide to disable the block. Quiet Mode can be scheduled or just turned on/off whenever you feel that you need a break and want to stop the social media notifications.

How To Enable Facebook Quiet Mode
how to configure Facebook quiet mode1. In the Facebook app for iOS, tap the menu tab, available in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
2. Scroll and select Settings & Privacy.
3. Tap the “Your time on Facebook” section.
4. Configure “Quiet Mode”.
Fact: Turn it On and Off as you need it, or if you work from home schedule Quiet Mode to kick-in during your office hours. According to Facebook the goal of the new Quiet Mode is to help you become more efficient. When the mode is enabled, all your notifications are snoozed and you can catch up with them later on.

How To Get Facebook Quiet Mode
As with most new features, you will have to update the app in order to gain access to Quiet Mode. Tap this direct download link and make sure that you run the latest version of Facebook on your iPhone or iPad.

How To Bypass Facebook Quiet Mode
how to end Facebook quiet mode This new Facebook blocking feature is easy quite easy to ignore though. As soon as you want to open the app and Quiet Mode is enabled, you get a splash screen that informs you to stay away and also displayed the time left until Quiet Mode ends. However you will also find a “Manage Quiet Mode” button that allows you to quickly disable the restriction, by tapping the “End Quiet Mode” button.
There is also just the option to opt for a moderate sin by unlocking the app for just 15 minutes, as you take a short break from work.
Last but not least, you can tap “Edit Settings” and change the schedule of the Quiet Mode.

What do you think about this new feature? Do you plan to use it? Let us know in the comment section available below.

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