How To Remove A Device From Your Apple ID Using Your iPhone Or iPad

Removing Apple Watch from Apple ID

Removing Apple Watch from Apple ID.

Whenever you plan to sell or giveaway one of your Apple devices, you should not forget to unlist it from your Apple ID. This can be easily achieved from an iPhone or an iPad. Even if you don’t plan to sell the gadget or give it away and you just intend to store it somewhere, I do recommend you to remove it from your Apple account. This prevents unnecessary pings when you use two-factor authentication.

More, the process is very simple and easy to use if you have an iPhone or iPad available. All that you have to do is open up the Setting app and tap on your Apple ID available at the top of the Settings home screen. Next, scroll all the way down to review the list of all devices that are connected to your Apple account. Tap the one that you don’t use anymore. The Device Info screen displays data about the Model, Version, Phone Number, Serial Number, IMEI and more. At the bottom of all this info you find the “Remove from Account” option!

how to remove device from apple id Tap it and you will be informed that the device in question will reappear if it is still signed in and connects to the Internet. Tap, Remove to confirm your intention and the device is cleared from the list. To make sure that the gadget doesn’t reconnect you have to first sign out of your Apple account, while browsing that specific iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or iPod touch!

Fact: You can’t remove from your Apple ID the device that you’re currently using. For example if you perform the procedure described above from an iPhone, the iPhone in question won’t feature the “Remove from Account” option, while all other connected devices can be removed.

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