The Apple Pay Was Suspended On Device Phishing Scam Email

apple pay was suspended on device phishing mail

“Apple Pay was suspended on Device” phishing mail!

A new phishing email has landed to a bunch of iPhone and iPad users. If you were attacked too, I hope that you didn’t bite the Apple and clicked on the Re-activate Apple ID link. If you did, change your Apple ID password immediately! Else, I’m happy that you’re reading this article and are prepared to deal with this scam attempts if it will reach you in the future.

Alleged hackers are attempting to steal Apple ID log-in details from inexperienced iOS users, by threatening that there is an imminent problem with the Apple Pay service on the respective iPhone or iPad. They use captured iTunes accounts for illegal activities, like more spamming, phishing and other actions that bring them black money. A couple of weeks ago, we exposed a phishing text message, now let’s take a look at this new email scam template.

apple pay phishing email exampleHow To Detect Apple ID Phishing Emails
1. Apple Policy: First and most important Apple will never ask for your iTunes account log-in credentials in email messages.
2. Analyze Sender: tap the From label and the email that sent the message is exposed. In most cases these are always doubtful.
3. Spellcheck: Check out the email text. If you find writing or grammar mistakes it’s surly not a mail dispatched by Apple. In our example, September is typed “Septembre”, and the demonstrative “this” is missing from the mail’s title. This should raise your eyebrows!

How To Act
The moment you notice something fishy, refrain from clicking any hyperlinks embedded in the text. They will redirect you to a clone website that looks identical with Apple’s official website. A form will ask for your log-in details. Providing them will send your Apple ID and password directly to the hands of hackers!
After unmasking a phishing email please report it to Apple at: and contribute to the eradication of these bad habits.