Search Button Not Available On Home Screen In iOS 16? (Fix!)

search not showing on home screen

Search not showing on Home screen

Search button not available at the bottom of the Home Screen in iOS 16? This is a new shortcut that allows users to easily tap for Spotlight instead of swiping. It can miss because of a wrong setting or a temporary glitch.

How To Fix Search Button Not Showing On Home Screen

Go through the following troubleshooting steps to bring back the Search label:

1. Home Screen Settings

Search on Home Screen should be enabled by default. However, you should check if you accidentally modified this setting:
show search on Home Screen

  • In Settings scroll for Home Screen.
  • Turn On Show on Home Screen.

2. Restart iPhone

search button missing from home screen
If the above setting is enabled but Search is still not available at the bottom of your Home Screen, reboot your device.

A fresh start should flush any iOS 16 glitch that could prevent the Spotlight shortcut from displaying.

Tip: I recommend you to perform the force restart trick to quickly reboot your iPhone!

Fact: If you’re using more Home Screen pages, Search appears with a delay and replaces the pagination dots!

Workaround For Search Not Available On Home Screen

If the above tips won’t help, your only option, until Apple issues a fix in an upcoming software update, is to continue to swipe-down for Spotlight!

Have you managed to fix Search not showing at the bottom of the Home Screen? Do you have a better solution? Use the comments section to share your feedback.

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