Snooze Double Pinch Apple Watch PopUp in watchOS 9? (Fix!)

snooze double pinch apple watch popup

Snooze Double Pinch Apple Watch popup

Snooze Double Pinch popup is displayed on Apple Watch every time you raise your wrist. The prompt is showing up at the top of the screen and for a brief second and then disappears by itself? This appears to be a day-one watchOS 9 bug!

Snooze Double Pinch Apple Watch Popup

This issue has been reported by Volodymyr on our watchOS 9 review page:

“Snooze double pinch popup always appears even when the alarm is stopped!”

Problem has been also confirmed by elly:

“Snooze double pinch notification appears whenever i wake the watch. Assistive Touch is glitching out for sure!”

Indeed I was able to replicate this bug by turning On a new watchOS 9 AssistiveTouch feature in:
Settings -> Accessibility -> AssistiveTouch

How To Fix Snooze Double Pinch watchOS 9

Apparently you have to initialize this Assistive Touch gesture the first time you enable the feature:

  • 1. Open Settings and scroll for Accessibility.
  • 2. Scroll for AssistiveTouch and turn it ON (if it’s already enabled you can skip this step).
  • 3. Go back to Accessibility and open Quick Actions.
    quick actions watchos 9
  • 4. Tap the blue Try it out… link.
  • 5. Double Pinch quickly as shown in the animation until you get the Double Pinch Recognized message.
    double pinch initialisation watchos 9
  • Fixed: That’s it, the Snooze Double Pinch should stop popping up at the top of the screen! Does it? Fix is permanent and the popup won’t re-appear if you reboot the watch!

Other Snooze Double Pinch Workarounds

I’ve seen this issue reported on other websites like Reddit with users recommending to tweak Quick Actions -> Appearance to Minimal. But that will only replace the Snooze Double Pinch popup with a blue line!

Others suggest to turn Off Assistive Touch and restart Apple Watch. This is only a temporary fix though, because the problem will show up the next time you enable Assistive Touch.

Have you managed to fix Apple Watch not working on Apple Watch? Did the above tip help out? Do you have a better solution? Share it in the comments.

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