watchOS 9 Problems? Should I Update? Reported Bugs & Fixes!

watchOS 9 update

watchOS 9 update

Apple has released watchOS 9 build number 20R361 with lots of new features and enhancements. However, new bugs might be also included in this initial version. Check out the most common problems reported, as well as available workarounds.

watchOS 9 Update

watchOS 9 release notes
This significant release is available, over-the-air to all compatible Apple Watches.

More, the paired iPhone has to be updated to iOS 16, for this update to show up in the My Watch app, Settings -> General -> Software Update.

Tip: Update is not available if your Apple Watch is already running the RC version, because the two have the same build number!

watchOS 9 Problems

Check out a list with issues reported by users that have already updated to this release:

  • 1. Siri isn’t able to handle app Shortcut phrases and returns an unexpected result.
  • 2. American Express cards might have to be removed and re-added to the Wallet in order to work.
  • 3. Compass not working after update, stuck on calibrating. Reported by Chris.
    Fix: Restart Apple Watch. (Updated:) Turn Off True North and Turn On Compass Calibration permission. More details available here.
  • 4. Now Playing icon missing from the top of the Watch Face.
    Workaround: Apparently this isn’t a bug, but an intentional change made by Apple. Now Playing app is now available at the top of the Dock when in use. Click the Side Button to bring up the dock.
  • 5. Modular Watch Face red text option not available in watchOS 9!
    Update: Apparently, this isn’t a bug, but intended behavior
  • 6. Notifications display summary even when Show Summary When Locked is turned Off. Reported by Pieter
  • 7. Workout app crashes whenever a new workout is started. Reported by Kan (Apple Watch Series 5).
  • 8. Snooze Double Pinch popup shows up when an alarm is stopped or snoozed. This watchOS 9 problem has been reported by Volodymyr
    Fix: On the paired iPhone open the Watch app and browse to Accessibility -> Quick Actions -> Appearance -> Minimal
  • 9. Resting heart rate is lower than normal because it also averages heart rate during sleep. Reported by WC.
    Workaround: Remove Apple Watch during sleep.
  • 10. Touch screen not working properly on Apple Watch 5. It’s a watchOS 9 issue reported by Alex, Antonio and Sean (AW 7).
    Fix: N/A
  • 11. Cellular complication status shows enabled although the function is disabled in settings. Reported by Dave
    Fix: Force restart Apple Watch
  • 12. Stop Double Pinch popup shows all the time even when Assistive Touch is turned Off. Reported by Joe.
    Fix: Initialize Double Pinch gesture in Settings -> Accessibility -> Quick Actions. More details available here.
  • 13. Apple Watch unable to unlock Mac after watchOS 9 update. Reported by Shana
    Fix: Reconfigure Auto Unlock permissions. The detailed fix is available here.
  • 14. Apple Watch Siri voices not downloading is another common watchOS 9 problem. Reported by Laura
    Fix: N/A.
  • 15. Apple Watch charging very slow with third-party chargers is a day-one watchOS 9 issue. Reported by Ryan.
    Fix: Use an original Apple MagSafe charger. More details available here.
  • 16. Apple Watch Always On Display not working with Workouts app. Reported by Elizabeth.
  • 17. To be updated! (Contribute in the comments!)
  • Tip: Fore more details you can check out the watchOS 9 Developer release notes.

watchOS 9 Bugs Fixed

Issues reported in watchOS 8.7 and fixed in this release are highlighted below:

  • To be updated!
  • Tip: For security patches please check out the security content published by Apple over here.

watchOS 9 Features

watchOS 9 features
The most important enhancements coming in this release are highlighted below:

  • 1. New Watch Faces: Astronomy, Lunar, Metropolitan, Playtime.
  • 2. Background Color Editor for Watch Faces
  • 3. Dogs and cats in Portraits Face
  • 4. Sleep Stages
  • 5. Medications app
  • 6. AFib History (only in the United States)
  • 7. Redesigned Calendar App
  • 8. Custom Workouts
  • 9. Multisport Workouts
  • 10. Running Form Metrics
  • 11. Heart Rate Zones
  • 12. Cardio Recovery
  • 13. Kickboard Detection
  • 14. Cross-device Connectivity
  • 15. Expanded keyboard languages
  • 16. Home Keys for kids with Family Setup

Have you installed the watchOS 9 update? What’s your feedback? Do you have any questions or suggestions? Are we missing any new features or common bugs? Share them in the comments!

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