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man snapping a portait mode with iphone x

How To Shoot A Selfie In Portrait Lighting Mode On The iPhone X

Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone is the first iOS smartphone that is able to snap a selfie and generate the impressive depth effect that highlights the subject of the photo. Until now, iPhone owners were able to shoot pictures in Portrait Mode only with the device’s rear camera. This allowed us to take Portrait Mode photos…

iphone 8 plus portrait lighting feature

How To Use Portrait Lighting On iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone X In iOS 11

The iPhone 7 Plus premiered the Portrait Mode in iOS 10.1. This year its improved sibling has gone one step further and supports Portrait Lighting. Yes, this spectacular new built-in Camera feature is limited to the Dual-Lens camera iPhones that are equipped with the A11 bionic chip. Which means that you can shoot and edit…