Trick To Force Quit Apps On Your Samsung Smart TV

Netflix app frozen on Samsung smart TV

Netflix app frozen on Samsung smart TV.

Smart TV apps have also grown in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Worldwide lock-downs are forcing people to stay at home for more than they are supposed to. This is why even those of us that haven’t used video streaming apps like Apple TV+, Netflix or Amazon Prime are now killing time with the help of popular TV Series and movies.

To be honest, this is also my case and this article is inspired by a recent issue that I faced on my Samsung Smart TV. I’ve recently upgraded my Netflix account with a Family membership and was configuring new profiles for my loved ones. That’s when the Netflix app on my smart TV froze. I tried to troubleshoot by exiting the Smart Hub and returning. No success. Shutting down the TV and powering it back On. No success. Resetting the Wi-Fi hotspot. No success.

Every time I was returning to the the Netflix app it displayed the same frozen profile selection screen, with no option to select and open a profile. I realized that the app wasn’t actually resetting itself when I was closing the TV. My Samsung TV is a 2016 model so there is no option in the menu to quit an app.

How To Force Quit Apps On Samsung Smart TV
how to force shut down Samsung smart TV I contacted Samsung support and they informed me how to perform a hard shutdown of my smart TV.
Trick: Press & hold the Power button on the remote control of your device. You need to hold for at least 5 seconds. This will cause the TV to shut down completely, all apps included. Wait for a few moments and turn the device back ON. Attempt to open the apps and you’ll notice that they boot up from scratch.
Fact: Apparently the short power off press just turns of the screen of your TV while the apps remain idle in the background. Hard resetting your TV every time when you close it might also help you save a couple of cents.

Have you ever had problems with freezing apps on your smart TV? Let us know in the comment section available below!

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