Trick To Unveil Your Recent Contacts When Typing A New Message

list with recent contacts used in Messages

List with Recent Contacts used in Messages.

Did you know that iOS comes with a hidden shortcut that allows you to instantly display the iOS Contacts that you recently interacted with, while using the Messages app? This helps you out to easily fill up the recipient field and dispatch a text, whenever you want to start a fresh conversation. Yes, the feature also includes contact names who’s conversation might have been deleted, allowing you to easily get back to someone even if you don’t manage to remember his name.

That could be the case of a new contact with whom you had a brief conversation with, that you ended up deleting, because you did not anticipate any further contact. All of a sudden the situation chances and you need to reach him or her again but can’t remember the name anymore. The following trick will help you to list all “Recent” Contacts. Recent is a figure of speech because contacts are listed in a descending order from newest to last. However, last can also be as old as one year ago.

How To Unveil Recent Contacts In Messages
ios new message button 1. Open the Messages app and tap the New Message button available in the top-right corner of the app’s home screen.
2. Trick: type “dot” and your iPhone will instantly list the most recent contacts that you chatted with!
3. Tap the name to select it, type your text and hit the Send arrow.
Fact: If the Send icon is colored blue it means that you’re about to dispatch and iMessage. This extends your options to deliver a message with effect, a new feature that came with iOS 10. You can make your text invisible or choose another bubble or home screen effect.

Tip: If you tap the blue “i” icon available next the the contact’s name label, the detailed view of your iOS friend is opened. You can also choose to opt the selected contact out from the Recent list.

send message with confetti effect Did You Know That: You can also automatically trigger a full-screen message effect by inserting a predefined keyword in the text of your message, such as “congratulations” or “happy birthday”.

Important: If you like the effect and would like to trigger it one more time and see again how your recipient will receive your text, you can use the Replay button available, in the conversation thread, just below the message bubble (This feature is available starting with iOS 10.1).