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did you mean to add a recipient popup

Did You Mean To Add A Recipient Error in macOS Ventura Mail?

Did you mean to add a recipient frequently pops up erroneously in Mail? This new macOS Ventura feature is too sensitive and triggers whenever an email address is types in the body of a new email or in the sender’s signature?…

How to Forward Messages on iPhone

How To Forward Messages From Your iPhone

Whenever you receive a text on your iPhone and want to share the content of it with one or more contacts, you can use the built-in iOS message forwarding feature. Of course that you can also do it the traditional way by copying & pasting the content from the current messages thread to the new…

list with recent contacts used in Messages

Trick To Unveil Your Recent Contacts When Typing A New Message

Did you know that iOS comes with a hidden shortcut that allows you to instantly display the iOS Contacts that you recently interacted with, while using the Messages app? This helps you out to easily fill up the recipient field and dispatch a text, whenever you want to start a fresh conversation. Yes, the feature…