Unlock iPhone To Use Accessories When Charging in iOS 16? Fix?

unlock iphone to use accessories ios 16

Unlock iPhone to use Accessories iOS 16

Getting Unlock iPhone to use accessories when charging device? Does this happen more often after iOS 16 update? The USB Accessory or Accessory Connected notification pops up when connecting to charger?

Unlock iPhone To Use Accessories Prompt?

unlock iphone to use accessories ios 15
This unexpected behavior has been reported by Juan (iOS 16.2):

“Unlock iPhone to use accessories pops up when I connect iPhone to wall charger, as if I would connect it to MacBook USB port! Any idea why?”

We couldn’t replicate it but have found similar complaints on Reddit:

“Why does my phone show USB Accessory notification when its plugged in to charge?”

How To Fix Unlock iPhone To Use Accessories Charger Not Working

We’re currently not sure if these are just some isolated cases, or if an iOS 16.2 bug is triggering the Accessory Connected notification, but here is what you can do to solve it:

1. Clean Parts

This problem has been reported in the past, in iOS 15 too and it’s been usually related to a faulty charging cable or dirty charging port.

First, clean your iPhone’s charging port using a toothbrush, toothpick or a special cleaning tool like this one.

Tip: You can use the same multi-tool for cleaning the Lightning plug, or use a soft wipe.

2. Replace Cable

If the issue persists, replace the Lightning to USB-C cable. Make sure that you use a genuine accessory.

Fact: Aftermarket chargers could also trigger the USB Accessory notification and even the Liquid detected in Lightning connector error!

Tip: The Unlock iPhone to use accessories when charging prompt is usually triggered when the iPhone thinks that there’s also a data connection and not only power transfer involved. Avoid using USB hubs, or any other middle-man!

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3. Check Accessory Settings

You can also bypass this USB Accessory error by disabling the permission request in Settings:

  • 1. Open Face ID & Passcode menu.
  • 2. Scroll for Accessories, in the Allow Access When Locked section.
  • 3. Turn On!

Fact: This will expose your iPhone to targeted USB attacks if your device is stolen, but it should prevent the Accessory Connected notification from popping up.

Have you managed to fix Unlock iPhone to use accessories keeps popping up when charging? Do you have a better solution or other problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments.

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