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plugged in iphone xs not charging

iPhone XS Max Not Charging? Here Is How To Fix It!

So, you forked out over 4-figures for your new iPhone XS Max and the device refuses to charge when you plug it in? The first thought leads me to blame this problem on potential lint accumulating in the Lightning port. Nevertheless, we’re talking about a brand new device and if you didn’t do something out…

Alucable Duo iOS and Android charging cable

Just Mobile AluCable Duo: A Single Cable To Charge iOS & Android Devices

It’s common for families nowadays to own both Apple as well as Samsung and a whole range of brands of smart devices. In same cases even the same individual can own an iPhone and a Samsung tablet or an iPad and a Galaxy or Pixel smartphone. In this case you surly are annoyed by the…

iphone working as personal hotspot

How To Use Your iPhone As An Internet Hotspot

I’m sure that we can agree upon the fact that Internet is a permanent part of our lives nowadays. The majority of homes, offices and other locations that we spend our time in, are equipped with Wi-Fi hotspots. Even buses, trains or parks are starting to provide connections to the online medium. That’s simply because…