iOS 14 Is Privacy-Focused And Apple Anticipates This In Its Latest iPhone Ad

iPhone is Privacy Apple ad

iPhone is Privacy Apple ad.

We’re inching closer to the launch of iOS 14, one of the most privacy-focused iOS generation ever to be released. Apple plans to emphasize this and started to prepare the terrain. The Cupertino-tech giant release a funny iPhone ad today that mocks competitors for jeopardizing the privacy information of their users and highlights that iPhone is Privacy.

The storyline of the add presents various unpleasant situations caused by smartphones that can’t protect the privacy of their users. A man shouts out loud in a bus that he browsed eight websites for divorce attorneys. A woman discloses her log-in details for everything to a stranger in the cinema hall. Another lady claims, during a dinner, that she purchased prenatal vitamins and four pregnancy tests “on March 15 at 9:16 a.m.”. This info and more showcases how lack of Privacy can occur in everyday life.

Funny Privacy-Focused iPhone Ad

You can take a look at the 1-minute long iPhone ad using the embedded YouTube player available below.

iPhone Privacy Ad Punch Lines

“Some things shouldn’t be shared,”
“iPhone helps keep it that way,”
“Privacy. That’s iPhone.”

iOS 14 Privacy Features For iPhone

We’ve already covered most of the privacy enhancements coming in iOS 14. You can review them below:
private Wi-Fi address that helps iPhones to avoid network profiling.
pasted from Clipboard banner notifications that highlight when an app accesses data stored in your iPhone’s clipboard.
Local network privacy pop-ups that require apps to ask for permissions when they want to connect to devices from your local network.
Select Photos Access a feature that allows you to give permissions only to a few Photos and not share your entire CameraRoll with third part apps that you rarely use.
Approximate Location is another privacy-oriented feature that allows you to disclose only the approximate location with apps that don’t require your precise whereabouts.
New status bar indicators that highlight when the Camera or microphone are active on your iPhone. This way you’re instantly aware if a third party app is trying to spy on you.
Safari Security Recommendations inform you when a password, that’s saved in the iCloud KeyChain, could be compromised and it suggests you to change it.

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