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Apple Watch Control Center not working

Apple Watch Control Center Not Working, Not Opening (Fix!?)

Is the Apple Watch Control Center not working anymore? Are you swiping-up from the Watch Face but the panel is not opening? Does the same happen with notifications? Notification Center won’t come up when you swipe-down from the top of the screen?…

YouTube Videos not opening in iOS 15

How To Fix YouTube Videos Not Opening On iPhone (iOS 15)

Are YouTube videos not opening in app on iPhone since you’ve updated to iOS 15? Does this issue occur when trying to open the first two videos listed in a search result? You tap on the thumbnail, but it’s unresponsive? The video page refuses to open and you can’t play the clip?…

Microsoft Office apps crashing in iOS 15

How To Fix Microsoft Office Apps Crashing In iOS 15 RC

Are the Microsoft Office apps crashing on startup after updating to iOS 15 / iPadOS 15 RC (19A344)? Is this happening for most MS Office apps including Word, Excel and PowerPoint? Although these apps worked without problems during the beta testing stages, a bug or change included in the iOS 15 Release Candidate version causes…

Apple Music Cannot Open Error

How To Fix Apple Music Cannot Open This Content Is Not Authorized

Are you trying to play a song in Apple Music but you’re prompted with the Cannot Open this content is not authorized popup? This error has most recently surfaced during the iOS 15 beta testing stages, but you might get it on public iOS versions too….