How To Fix M1 Mac Bluetooth Issues In macOS Big Sur 11.0.1

M1 Mac Bluetooth issues

M1 Mac Bluetooth issues?

Are you experiencing Bluetooth issues on your M1 Mac? Is your brand new computer not connecting to Bluetooth accessories? Or you do manage to connect the peripherals, but the connectivity is intermittent or laggy? Is your wireless mouse, keyboard or headset unexpectedly disconnecting from macOS Big Sur? This is a common macOS 11.0.1 problem plaguing Macs that are equipped with the new M1 Apple Silicone chip.

The M1 Mac Bluetooth problems occur with both third-party Bluetooth accessories as well as Apple peripherals like the Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard, Trackpad and even with the AirPods and AirPods Pro wireless earbuds. The entire range of M1 computers sold by Apple seem to be affected, according to this Reddit topic. including the MacBook Air, Pro as well as Mac mini.

How To Fix M1 Mac Bluetooth Issues

Here are some troubleshooting tips and workarounds that you can apply to improve this situation:

1. Use A Wired Keyboard / Mouse To Boot

In some cases the Bluetooth connectivity refuses to work from the get go. This means that you need a wired keyboard and mouse to complete the Mac setup. After the initial boot, you can attempt to pair your wireless keyboard and mouse again. They should work. However, do expect for the Bluetooth connection to fail again if your reboot your Mac. Keep your wires close, because you will need them to type the administrator password.

2. Use The Unifying Receiver

Logitech’s dongle is a good workaround. It uses a similar pairing technology to the Bluetooth system and will help you to connect your peripherals to a M1 Mac. If you don’t want to use it as primary option, have it at least available as a backup solution in case you have to reboot.
Tip: The unifying receiver also helps to go around intermittent Bluetooth connectivity when the accessories actually connect. A reader has reported that his mouse is often laggy but the jumpiness never occurs when the unifying receiver is used.

3. Use Apple Watch To Unlock Mac

If you own an Apple Watch and aren’t using it to unlock your Mac, you should start doing it now. This will spare you from connecting the wired keyboard to type the administrator password. More details about how to do this are found here.

4. Avoid Multiple Bluetooth Connections

It seems that the M1 Mac Bluetooth issue occurs more often when you use multiple wireless connections. Unfortunately, until this gets fixed by Apple with a software update, try to avoid using more than two Bluetooth accessories. This is also a reason why the macOS Big Sur Bluetooth bug is surfacing more often on the M1 Mac mini, because an extra Bluetooth accessory is often required.
When the wireless keyboard and mouse are joined by a third wireless device like the AirPods or Apple Trackpad, the Mac M1 is highly likely to experience intermittent Bluetooth connectivity.

5. Avoid Volume Button

We’ve noticed that the macOS Big Sur Bluetooth bug will cause the Apple Magic Mouse as well as keyboard to instantly disconnect when the Volume icon is clicked in the menu bar!
Fix: If you do click and the peripherals get disconnected you have to turn them off, wait a couple of seconds and power them back On.

Updated (December 3)

6. Disconnect Wi-Fi

Apparently, disconnecting Wi-Fi on your M1 Mac helps with the Bluetooth connectivity issues. As soon as you turn Wi-Fi off, your Bluetooth accessories are able to connect. They do remain connected if you turn Wi-Fi back On!
How To: Open the macOS Big Sur Control Center from the menu bar and disable Wi-Fi. Turn it back ON from the same panel, after you successfully connect your Bluetooth devices!
Credits: Hedley has shared this trick in the comments section!

Did you manage to fix your M1 Mac Bluetooth issue with one of the tips provided above? Have we missed out on something? Do you have a better workaround? Don’t hesitate to use the comments section and let us know!

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