How To Fix Weather Animations Not Working On iPhone (iOS 15)

weather animations not working in iOS 15

Weather animations not working in iOS 15.

Are Weather animations not working on iPhone? Is rain or snow not falling in the background of the current weather forecast when precipitations are ongoing in the current location? This is a new iOS 15 feature that requires your iPhone to be set up properly!

Weather Animation Not Playing?

snow animation not working vs working

Snow animation not working vs working.

This issue has been reported by miria23:

“Not sure if this is iOS 15.0.2 related but I can’t get weather animations! Any help appreciated.”

We could also replicate this issue in certain situations and have provided a list of fixes, that’s available below.

How To Fix Weather Animations Not Working

Rain animation not playing is not a bug, but more likely an iPhone configuration error.

1. Turn Off Reduce Motion

how to fix weather animations not working
If you’ve set iOS 15 to reduce motion on your device, the weather animations are also stopped from working:

  • Open Settings and tap on Accessibility.
  • Go for Motion, available in the Vision category.
  • Disable Reduce Motion using the toggle!
  • Fact: Open Weather! Can you see the rain drops falling and splashing on the weather forecast interface?

2. Reboot iPhone

rain animation not working vs working

Rain animation not working vs working.

In some cases a minor glitch could prevent the Weather animations from playing in the background. In this case, I recommend you to restart your iPhone and try again.

How to: You can either do a soft reset by powering the iPhone down and turning it back ON, or using the force restart trick to do it all in one step!

3. Reinstall Weather

how to offload weather
If you reached this step and rain / snow animations aren’t working you should try to delete the Weather app and install it back!

How to: I recommend you to use the offload feature available in Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage -> Weather -> Offload App -> Reinstall.

Have you managed to fix Weather animation not working on iPhone? Did any of the above tips help? Do you have a better solution? Use the comments section and share your feedback.

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