How To Fix White Widgets On Home Screen In iOS 15

white widgets bug in iOS 15

White widgets bug in iOS 15

Are you getting white widgets on iPhone Home Screen ever since you’ve updated to iOS 15? You can still read the names and notice the size of the widgets, but the content is blank and they become unresponsive? This glitch affects all Home Screen widgets and they can also display black if Night mode is enabled!

White Widgets Bug In iOS 15

blank widgets in add widget panel
A significant number of iPhone users are complaining about widgets turning white or black on Home Screen:
Clara informs:

“All my widgets turned white on Home Screen! Please help!!!”

NarekVA claims:

“All my widgets became just blank white or black (it depends on device theme).”

Fact: The white widgets bug affects all widgets not only third-party ones. The glitch also manifests itself in the Add Widget panel, when trying to add a new glance!

How To Fix White Widgets

Apply the following troubleshooting steps to fix the blank widgets:

1. Restart iPhone

First you should reboot your device. A fresh start could clear minor glitches and thus allow your widgets to display normally.

How to: You can turn your iPhone Off and back On, or apply the force restart combination!

Fact: Users have reported that this is a temporary fix. Home Screen widgets might turn white or black again!

2. Change iPhone Language

how to fix white widgets on iphone
Jill informed us that you can fix white widgets on iPhone Home Screen by changing the language of your device. This will force the widgets to reindex and the boxes will be populated with data again:

  • In Settings browse for General -> Language & Region.
  • Tap on iPhone Language.
  • Switch from English (US) to English (Canada) or whatever language you’re using.
  • Confirm your action. The screen turns black and the Setting Language… message is displayed. This is when widgets are forced to reindex.
  • You can switch back to your original language now! Are the widgets working as they should?

3. Avoid Home Screen Edits

black widgets on iphone home screen
As suggested on Reddit, it seems that editing the Home Screen is one of the triggering factors of the white widgets bug!

I recommend you to avoid it, until Apple fixes this with a software update.

4. Reset Location & Privacy

An user suggested this fix on Apple’s discussion forums:

  • Open Settings and tap on General.
  • Scroll for Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  • Tap Reset and go for Reset Location & Privacy.
  • Next, use the Shut Down button at the end of the General settings page to power your device off and back On.

5. Reinstall Apps

You can also try to offload one of the affected apps, reinstall it and re-add its widget.

  • Open Settings and browse for General -> iPhone Storage.
  • Scroll to the app in question.
  • Tap Offload App to remove it, without losing documents and data.
  • Use Reinstall to get the app back. Now check its widget, is it still white?

Did you manage to fix the white widgets issue? Has any of the above tips helped you out? Do you have a better solution? Use the comments section and share your feedback.

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