Huge App Store Sales Collection For Week 21. Over 30 Apps Included! (Save $99)

app store sales week 21

App Store Sales – Week 21

I’m happy to inform you that this week is one of the most prolific ones of the year, so far, when it comes to App Store apps gone free or being heavily discounted. We’ve received lots of mails from iOS developers that have decided to offer their software for sale during these last days of May. Below you can find a list with over 30 applications for your iPhone and iPad. Grab them all and save up to $99!

Check the discounts, displayed in brackets next to each application. Tap the software’s name to open the official App Store download page. A GET label means that the app is available free of charge. A price tag, informs you about the current price of the app. If it’s the same with the one mentioned in this article it means that the sale is still on and you can go ahead and grab it. Differences means that you turned up too late.

1. Oilist ($2.99 -> FREE) – Generate 4k artwork from your iPhone and iPad photos.

2. Mini Metro ($4.99 -> $0.99) – A great iOS game available at 80% off to celebrate Children’s Day!

3. Morphopolis ($1.99 -> FREE) – A point and click adventure game that has gone free briefly.

4. SteamWorld Heist ($9.99 -> $4.99) – A must-have turn based strategy game!

5. Magic Windows ($2.99 -> FREE) – A health & fitness app that helps you relax, gone free for the first time ever, for a limited time, of course!

6. Never Alone: Ki Edition ($4.99 -> $0.99) – A one of a kind puzzle platformer available for a 80% discount!

7. Salsa Rhythm ($2.99 -> FREE) – App gone free this weekend to celebrate the L.A. Salsa Festival!

8. Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked ($4.99 -> $0.99) – Help Wilson survive. He is now stranded in a tropical archipelago!

9. Crazy Taxi ($4.99 -> FREE) – A classic SEGA game gone free.

10. Assassin’s Creed Identity ($4.99 -> $0.99) – downloadable at a promotional price, 80% discount to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original Assassin Creed action RPG game.

11. iKeywi ($0.99 -> FREE) – a popular keyboard extension software for your iPhone and iPad.

12. Botanicula ($4.99 -> $0.99) – A humor rich adventure game that is on a huge sale. Grab it now for 20% of its regular retail price!

13. HTML Mailer ($4.99 -> FREE) – A powerful business app that helps you to create professional emails without writing code.

14. Teeny Titans ($3.99 -> $0.99) – A great RPG game developed by Cartoon Network available now for just under one buck.

15. Onirim Solitaire ($0.99 -> FREE) – A solitaire card game for your iPhone and iPad gone free for a limited time!

16. Machinarium ($4.99 -> $0.99) – A 4.5-star adventure game now downloadable at 20% of its original price.

17. Captain Cowboy ($0.99 -> FREE) – A puzzle adventure game taking place in a giant asteroid. It’s now free to try out!

18. Samorost 3 ($4.99 -> $0.99) – An exploration puzzle game developed by Amanita Design, the creators of several other games featured today like Botanicula and Machinarium.

19. Human Resource Machine ($4.99 -> $0.99) – Save $4 by downloading this App Store game gone on sale to celebrate Children’s Day!

20. The Everything Machine ($2.99 -> $0.99) – A great educational app made for ages 9 to 11 that allows children to build various “machines”, with the help of visual programming language.

21. Who Was? Adventure ($0.99 -> FREE) – A great trivia game about historic figures and pop stars!

22. Lumino City ($4.99 -> $0.99) – An adventure puzzler that’s currently 80% Off!

23. Best Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Guide Pro ($2.99 -> FREE) – Live a healthier life and guard yourself from various illnesses and health issues.

24. Alto’s Adventure ($4.99 -> $0.99) – Snowboard your way across beautiful landscapes at one fifth of the original pricing.

25. Simple Repeat Timer ($0.99 -> FREE) – A timer that repeats itself over and over again to make sure that you don’t miss an appointment.

26. Animal Math Second Grade Games ($3.99 -> FREE) – An educational app suitable for kids between the ages of 6 and 8. Over 100 math challenges for second grade children.

27. 5coins – Spend Everyday ($1.99 -> FREE) – Track your expenses and know where your money goes, without spending a dime on this app!

28. White Noise For Sleep ($1.99 -> FREE) – If you have trouble falling asleep this app might help you out!

29. Super Phantom Cat ($0.99 -> FREE) – A Mario bros type of game for iPhone and iPad.

30. Backgammon Premium Multiplayer ($1.99 -> FREE) – The number one backgammon app from the App Store has now gone free for a limited time!

31. Duet Display ($19.99 -> $9.99) – Just updated with new features to further enhance support for the Apple Pencil. A 50% sales has been launched to celebrate the new version!

32. Klocki ($0.99 -> FREE) – Is the free App of The Week selection. A minimalist but entertaining puzzler!

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