iOS 16 Public Beta 3 Problems, Features, Bug Fixes & More

iOS 16 Public Beta 3

iOS 16 Public Beta 3

Apple has released iOS 16 Public Beta 3 build number 20A5339d one day after the rollout of Developer Beta 5. The two versions are identical and continue to fine tune iOS 16.0 for the public release expected this fall. Check out new problems, features, bug fixes and more before updating.

iOS 16 Public Beta 3 Problems

We’ve covered the new issues reported for this version on our Developer Beta 5 review page:

  • 1. iPhone unlock animation lags and stutters on Lock Screen.
    Fix: Turn On Reduce Motion in Settings -> Accessibility -> Motion.
  • 2. App names and Status bar almost unreadable because they change color to blend with the wallpaper!
    Fix: Change Lock Screen, Reboot iPhone.
  • 3. iOS 16 default wallpaper crashes when selected on Lock Screen, in the Add New Wallpaper section.
    Fix: Restart iPhone
  • 4. Notifications won’t unfold on Lock Screen. Animation stutters and the notification falls back. Reported by aiden in the comments.
    Fix: Not available yet.
  • To be updated! (If you encounter another bug please report it in the comments!)

Update (August 14): Apple has released iOS 16 Public Beta 4. Check our full review here!

iOS 16 Public Beta 3 Bug Fixes

There are two issues that have been fixed in this release as reported on our Developer Beta 5 review page:

  • 1. Volume slider lag in Control Center as well as Volume buttons not working as expected system-wide. (Status: Fixed)
  • 2. Waze (third-party navigation app) crashing unexpectedly. (Status: Fixed)
  • To be updated! (If you notice another problem solved please report it in the comments!)

iOS 16 Public Beta 3 Features

The changes spotted in this release when compared to the previous beta are:

  • 1. Battery Percentage indicator in status bar.
  • 2. New Ping my iPhone sound, when pinging iPhone from Apple Watch.
    Tip: Hear the new sound playing in our YouTube video review available below.
  • 3. Emergency SOS has been rebranded to Emergency Call.
  • 4. Copy and Delete option added to screenshot editing options.
  • 5. New Audio Visualizer in the Now Playing controls on Lock Screen.
  • 6. New Animations for skipping and reverting to previous song on Lock Screen.
  • 7. Dolby Atmos and Lossless labels rearranged in Apple Music.
  • 8. New Find My and Home app splash screens!
  • To be updated!
  • More: If you want to check out all new features announced by Apple for iOS 16 please read here.

Tip: For more details and screenshots please check our iOS 16 Developer Beta 5 review page.

iOS 16 Public Beta 3 Download

This test version is available as usual, over-the-air in Settings -> General -> Software Update. Tap Download and Install and follow the on-screen prompts.

iOS 16 Public Beta 3 Review

Play our YouTube video for more details about this release:

iOS 16 Public Beta 3 Not Available?

Is this release not showing up in the Software Update screen. These are the most common reasons and their fixes:

  • 1. iOS 16 Developer Beta 5 is already installed on your device. It’s the identical version, so iPhone doesn’t see any newer version to update too.

    Tip: Go to Settings -> About -> iOS Version. If your device shows build number 20A5339d it’s already running iOS 16 Public Beta 3!

  • 2. iOS 16 Configuration Profile is missing from your device.

    Tip: Open Settings -> General -> VPN & Device Management and check if the iOS 16 Beta Profile is installed. If it’s not you have to download it from the Apple Beta Software Program website, as described here.

Have you already updated to iOS 16 Public Beta 3? Did you spot any changes not mentioned in this review? What about new bugs and problems? Share your feedback in the comments.

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