iOS 16 Beta 5 Problems, Features, Release Notes & More

iOS 16 Beta 5

iOS 16 Beta 5

Apple has released iOS 16 Beta 5 build number 20A5339d for Developers. This update brings more changes and new features to the upcoming iOS generation. Problems and glitches aren’t missing either. Check out or extended review and contribute with your own experience.

iOS 16 Beta 5 Problems

Before updating to this test version, make sure that you inform yourself about common issues. We’re updating them below as soon as we encounter them:

  • Unlock iPhone animation on Lock Screen lags and stutters. Are you experiencing the same? Share it in the comments.
    Workaround: Turn On Reduce Motion option in Settings -> Accessibility -> Motion. More details here.
    iPhone unlock animation lag
  • App names and status bar erroneously changing color to match the Home Screen making them almost impossible to read. | Reported by lonewolf8911 on Reddit.
    Potential Fixes: Restart iPhone, Change Lock Screen.
    app names and status info color bug ios 16
  • Default iOS 16 wallpaper crashing when trying to add it as a new Lock Screen, in Collections. | Reported by connorcorc21 on Reddit.
    Fix: Restart iPhone.
    ios 16 default wallpaper crashing
  • To be updated.

Update (August 14): Apple has released iOS 16 Developer Beta 6 and Public Beta 4, both with identical build number. Check our full review here!

iOS 16 Beta 5 Bug Fixes

Beta 4 came with some annoying bugs. We’re currently checking if they’re fixed in this release. List is available below:

  • Volume slider lagging in Control Center as well as Volume buttons system-wide. (Status: Fixed)
  • Waze (third-party navigation app) crashing unexpectedly. (Status: Fixed)
  • To be updated!
  • Tip: In the meantime, you can check problems that Apple reports as solved as well as known issues in the Beta 5 Developer release notes available here.

iOS 16 Beta 5 Features

Here you can find enhancements and changes that we’ve found in Beta 5 when compared to Beta 4:

  • Battery percentage indicator in status bar for iPhones with Face ID. Indicator turns yellow in Low Power Mode and green while charging. But has some limitations. Here are all the details!
    battery indicator ios 16 all instances

    Battery indicator iOS 16 – All Instances: Low Power Mode, Charging, Not Charging.

  • New ‘Ping iPhone sound’ when you ping the paired iPhone from Apple Watch.
    Tip: Listen to it here:
  • Emergency SOS has been renamed to Emergency Call.
    emergency call ios 16

    Emergency SOS rebranded to Emergency Call in iOS 16 Beta 5

  • Copy and Delete option available when you tap Done after editing a screenshot.
    copy and delete option for screenshots
  • New Home app Splash Screen highlighting Control Your Home, Set It and Forget It, Share Access.
    home splash screen ios 16
  • New Find My Splash Screen showcasing Findable When Powered Off, Find My network for AirPods, Refreshed Map.
    find my splash screen ios 16
  • New Audio Visualizer for the Now Playing widget on Lock Screen.
    new audio visualizer on Lock Screen iOS 16
  • Full Screen Music player on Lock Screen gets new animation when skipping or reverting to previous song.
  • Dolby Atmos and Lossless labels in Apple Music are now displayed alongside genre and release date.
    dolby atmos and lossless labels in ios 16
  • To be updated.

iOS 16 Beta 5 Download

iOS 16 Beta 5 download
This version is available as usual over-the-air in Settings -> General -> Software Update as long as you have the iOS 16 Configuration Profile installed on your device.

Fact: iOS 16.0 shows up in the Software Update screen and not the usual iOS 16 Developer Beta 5!

Tip: If you’re running iOS 15.6 or another public version you have to download the iOS 16 Beta Profile from the Apple Developer Platform or Apple’s Beta Software Program as explained here.

Important: At the time of writing iOS 16 Public Beta 3, which is the identical version of Developer Beta 5, isn’t available yet. This means that if you are a public beta tester you have to wait a couple more hours until you see the new release in the Software Update section.

Should I Update?

We’ve just started testing out iOS 16 Beta 5. If you’re using these version on your main device, you can wait it out 24 hours and we will update this section with more info soon.

iOS 16 Beta 5 Review

Play our YouTube video for more details about this release:

Have you updated to iOS 16 Beta 5? Did you spot any changes not mentioned in this article? What about issues? Use the comments section to share your feedback and we will update your contribution in the main content of the article.

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