iOS 17 Beta 5 Issues, Features, Fixes, Bugs, Changes & More

iOS 17 beta 5

iOS 17 Beta 5

iOS 17 beta 5 build number 21A5303d is available for Developers and anyone else that wants to test the upcoming iPhone OS! iOS 17 Public Beta 3 is expected soon! Check the new features, bugs fixed, ongoing issues, problems and more!

iOS 17 Beta 5 Issues

Bugs reported for this update are tracked here:

  • 1. To be updated! (Contribute in the comments!)

iOS 17 Beta 5 Features

Changes coming in this version are highlighted here:

  • 1. Locate Your Remote popup for Siri Remote app in Control Center. Reported by epmuscle.
  • 2. Message Check-In feature comes with example of device info that can be shared.
    Available in: Settings -> Messages -> Check-In
  • 3. State Of Mind UI has been updated. Reported by BenHunt10.
    Available in: Health app
  • 4. To be updated! (Contribute in the comments!)
  • Tip: Many other features coming in iOS 17 are mentioned here.

iOS 17 Beta 5 Bugs Fixed

Problems addressed in this release are mentioned here:

  • 1. iPhone not overheating anymore as it did in the previous beta. (Beta 4)
    Confirmed: by SampleTop.
  • 2. UI feels snappier compared to the previous beta for iRobi8.
  • 3. Oversized iCloud device backups have been fixed in Beta 5 according to ZS88.
  • 4. Ad Blocker issues have been fixed according to this Reddit user.
  • 5. To be updated. (Contribute in the comments!)

iOS 17 Beta 5 Release Notes

The Developer release notes for this update provide even more details about changes, fixes and issues included in this version:
ios 17 beta 5 release notes

iOS 17 Beta Download

To update to iOS 17 Developer or Public beta version proceed as follows:

  • 1. Open Settings -> General -> Software Update using an iPhone XS or later model.

    Tip: Apple recommends you to use a secondary device and perform a full encrypted backup before starting.

  • 2. Tap on Beta Updates and select iOS 17 Developer Beta or iOS 17 Public Beta!
  • 3. iOS 17 Developer Beta 5 or iOS 17 Public Beta 3 will show up on the Software Update screen. The two are identical!
  • 4. Tap Update Now, agree with ToS, input Passcode and be patient until the new software is requested, downloaded, prepared, verified and installed on your device!

Have you installed iOS 17 beta 5 on iPhone or iPad? Experiencing any problems or having any questions? Use the comments please!

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