iPad mini Scrolling Issue: Jelly Screen in iPadOS 15

iPad mini scrolling issue

iPad mini scrolling issue

Is your brand new iPad mini 6 experiencing scrolling problems in Portrait orientation? Does the text look like it’s tilting towards the side of the screen as it rolls up or down in Safari, Mail or any other app that displays large chunks of text? This eye-straining effect has been called ‘jelly scrolling’ and is a widespread iPad mini issue!

iPad mini Scrolling Issue: Jelly Screen

Neil informed us about this problem in the comments section of our iPadOS 15 thread:

Scrolling is eye-straining in iPad mini 6, iPadOS 15!

…but there are plenty more confirmations on Reddit, MacRumors forums and various other tech related websites that show how spread out the jelly screen glitch actually is!

The iPad mini scrolling issue has all the ingredients to become an iPad mini 6 scroll-gate, especially if Apple won’t be able to fix it via software update, which means that we’re actually dealing with a hardware flaw!

iPad mini Jelly Scroll Video

To better understand how this scrolling issue manifests itself play the embedded videos available below:

Fact: The slow-mo playback amplifies the jelly scroll, the issue is less noticeable during normal playback!

How To Fix iPad mini Jelly Scroll

Unfortunately, there is no magic trick to fix this scrolling issue. However, you can apply these workarounds to improve your iPad mini 6 experience:

1. Go For Landscape Orientation

ipad mini 6 landscape orientation
The jelly screen disappears when you use your iPadOS device in landscape mode! Tests done by affected iPad mini 6 owners confirm that this is a vertical refresh issue!

2. Scroll Moderately

If you scroll text at a moderate place you might not even notice the jelly screen effect!
Some users claim that they haven’t noticed it until it was pointed out, while others consider it eye-straining!

I’ve never noticed it and I’m reading on a brand new iPad mini!



In my case it was worse in person than what I was able to capture on video.

3. Update to iPadOS 15.1 Beta

If the iPad mini scroll issue is software related, Apple might have already addressed it in the upcoming iPadOS 15 Beta 1.

You can update to the public test version and see if it makes a difference! Does it? Use the comments section and share your feedback!

Are you also affected by the iPad mini 6 scrolling issue? Have annoying do you find it? Can you leave with it or you consider it eye-straining? Share your opinion in the comments section!

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