iPhone 13 Overheating When Locked, While Charing, In Standby

iPhone 13 Pro overheating when locked

iPhone 13 Pro overheating when locked

Is the iPhone 13 overheating when locked? Does your brand new device feel warm in standby or when you grab it after being locked for a long period of time. Does the iPhone 13 Pro overheat while charging? All these scenarios are normal up to some extent. Let’s take a look at them!

iPhone 13 Overheating When Locked

If you recently activated your 2021 flagship and upgraded from an older iPhone model, all your apps and iCloud data will be transferred in the first couple of days!

This means that although your iPhone might sit on a desk and look to be in standby mode, it might actively download content and reindex data from Apple’s servers.

These resource intensive tasks can cause overheating and the effect is normal. As long as the iPhone 13 or 13 Pro isn’t too hot to hold in the hand, there shouldn’t be any negative impact on the battery and you shouldn’t be concerned.

iPhone 13 Overheating While Charging

iphone 13 overheating while charging
You can charge the 2021 iPhones traditionally with the help of a Lightning cable or wirelessly through MagSafe. Either way, the device is prone to warming up during the process.

This side effect, caused by fast charging, has been reported for the iPhone 12 Series too and there’s not much that you can do about it.

Again, if your device isn’t burning hot you should accept the situation.

iPhone 13 Overheating Tips

To make sure that you maximize the battery life of your new iOS device, you should apply the following tips.

Fact: If the iPhone gets too hot, too often the Battery Health could degrade faster than expected. You can avoid this by applying these recommendations:

1. Update Apps

update all apps in app store
First, you need to update all apps in the App Store!

Go to the Updates section and install all available updates!

Fact: iOS 15 is a major update and some apps are yet to be optimized for it. This can cause them to run in the background, cause battery drain and can also generate iPhone 13 overheating.

Tip: You can also browse for iPhone -> Battery and check the ‘Battery Usage By App’ section. Is there any application that’s listed towards the top and don’t remember using it? It must be caused by intensive Background Activity. Take a closer look at it. Install update if available and figure out what’s wrong!

2. Avoid Resource Intensive Tasks

I recommend you to avoid any resource intensive tasks the first 24 – 72 hours after setting up a new iPhone. As mentioned above the device requires a couple of days to reindex all your settings and data.

Fact: If you combine this with gaming and other multitasking options there is a big change that your iPhone 13 or 13 Pro will overheat!

Tip: FaceTime video calls can also cause iPhone 13 overheating!

3. No Additional Strain While Charging

As already mentioned, the iPhone 13 is prone to warming up while fast charging. However, if you actively use your device while charging and perform any resource intensive tasks you might cause your phone to overheat to the point that it gets really hot!

Tip: I recommend you to bring iPhone 13 Pro in AirPlane Mode to avoid overheating. This will allow them to focus on charging and stop the reindexing!

4. Control Charging Environment

It’s also very important to charge your iPhone 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max in decent conditions.

  • Avoid exposing your device to direct sunlight when charging, or doing it in a room that’s too hot.
  • Place it on a desk or any other surface that will help it to stay cool, or at least won’t promote overheating.
    Tip: Place a small object under the iPhone and desk to keep the device’s frame lifted and allow for air to pass through!
  • Avoid playing videos, gaming or perform other resource intensive that can only add to the heat!

5. Keep Gaming Under Control

Long and intensive gaming sessions can also cause iPhone 13 to overheat. It’s important to perform a break every time the device gets sensibly hot.

Is your iPhone 13 overheating more than normal? Did you notice a behavior that might hint an iOS 15 bug? Use the comments section and share your feedback.

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