How To Fix Quick Notes Not Working On iPad In iPadOS 15

Quick Notes not working on iPad

Quick Notes not working on iPad

Is the new Quick Notes feature not working on iPad? You’ve updated to iPadOS 15 but you can’t open the floating quick note window, from the bottom-right corner of the screen? Neither swiping up with your finger or tapping with the Apple Pencil brings up the Quick Note interface?

How To Fix Quick Notes Not Working

Important: Unfortunately, not all iPad models that are able to run iPadOS 15 are also compatible with Quick Notes. According to Apple, the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4 aren’t not supporting this feature!

1. Restart iPad

First, you should reboot your iPad. Minor glitches like this one, could be solved by a new start.

How to: You can either switch your iPad OFF and turn it back ON, a couple of seconds later or use the force restart trick!

2. Reinstall Notes

how to offload notes in ipadOS 15
Next, you should delete Notes and install it back. In fact, I recommend you to offload the app to allow iPadOS 15 to automatically restore your documents and settings after you reinstall:

How to: Browse for Settings -> General -> iPad Storage -> Notes -> Offload App. Wait a couple of seconds and tap on Reinstall.

3. Use Quick Notes Button

how to add quick note button to control center
In iPadOS 15 you can add a Quick Notes shortcut to the Control Center and use it as a workaround to open the quick notes window in case the swipe gesture or Apple Pencil tap fail to work.

How to: Open Settings and browse for Control Center. In the More Controls list, tap on the green + icon, available next to Quick Note! Now, whenever the quick note gesture doesn’t work you can swipe for Control Center and use the button!
how to open quick notes from control center
Have you managed to fix the Quick Notes not working in iPadOS 15? Did any of the above tips help out? Do you have a better solution? Use the comments section and share your feedback.

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