iPhone 14 Battery Health Issue Or Normal Degradation?

iphone 14 battery health 98

iPhone 14 Battery Health 98

iPhone 14 Battery Health dropped and you’re wondering if you’re dealing with normal degradation or a battery health problem? In this article we plan to share Maximum Capacity values during the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro lifetime!

iPhone 14 Battery Health Issue?

This question has been raised by Isaac (iPhone 14 Pro Max):

“Battery health down to 98 in two months. Isn’t this too fast?”

Apparently, this discussion is raised after every major iPhone release. We’ve covered iPhone 12 battery health dropping fast as well as well as the M1 Mac battery health issue and Apple Watch battery health decreasing fast.

iPhone Battery Health Degradation

Before we can talk about a battery health issue, we need to compare your readings with past performance.

A normal iPhone battery degradation, according to Apple, has to stay above 80% after two years of usage. That’s 20 percentage points in 24, which equals to 0.83% degradation per month in the worst case scenario!

Battery degradation isn’t linear and can be significantly influenced by the way you charge and use your device! If you’re an avid gamer or a power user you should expect the maximum capacity to decrease close to the above mentioned values. Else, you should see a slower drop rate!

iPhone 14 Battery Health Readings

iphone 14 battery health 99
Please share your Maximum Capacity readings in the comment section and we will update here to be able to establish some trends.

Important: Please mention exact iPhone 14 model, the accurate age and any other usage details that could influence the degradation pattern.

iPhone 14 Pro Battery Health Readings

I will open the list with my own device:

  • 1. Maximum Capacity 99 (1 month-old, heavy usage)
  • 2. To be updated.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Battery Health Readings

Values are listed with highest degradation at the top:

  • 1. Maximum Capacity 98 (2 months-old) – Reported by Isaac.
  • 2. Battery Health 98 (2 months-old) – Reported by Matt.
  • 3. Maximum Capacity 99 (1 month-old) – Reported by Extavius.
  • 4. To be updated.

Fact: Early iOS 16 version have proved to be battery hogs, causing battery to deplete faster than normal. Overheating and more frequent charging cycles might have caused a quicker 1% or 2% drop, but iOS 16.1.2 and 16.2 seem to be more battery friendly versions!

In fact, most iPhone owners have experienced battery health drop after updating to iOS 16. This was most likely caused by a refreshed Maximum Capacity calculation, as well as early iOS 16 battery draining problems!

Downgrade: Many iPhone 12, 11 XS, X and 8 owners have chosen to downgrade to iOS 15, because their already weakened batteries could not cope with the increased resource usage of iOS 16!

iPhone 14 Battery Health Tips

As a rule of thumb, you should not stress out about Battery Health unless you some serious drops in value and also feel that screen time hours have gone down significantly too!

Overheating is the main cause for battery degradation. Avoid overheating during usage and charging and you should be fine! From our experience we recommend you to avoid wireless charging and multitasking when you feel that the device warms up.

Tip: For more battery saving tips please check our articles regarding iOS 16.2 battery draining fixes and iOS 16 battery draining tips.

Is your iPhone 14 battery health dropping fast? Share your current Maximum Capacity in the comments section and help us identify eventual patterns.

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