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iphone 14 battery health 98

iPhone 14 Battery Health Issue Or Normal Degradation?

iPhone 14 Battery Health dropped and you’re wondering if you’re dealing with normal degradation or a battery health problem? In this article we plan to share Maximum Capacity values during the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro lifetime!…

ios 16 battery health drop

iPhone Battery Health Dropped After iOS 16 Update? (Report!)

iPhone Battery Health dropped after iOS 16 update? Maximum Capacity wen’t down significantly since the new OS came out? Are you seeing huge drops of up to 7%? Check out what other users had to report and share your findings in the comments!…

Mac dropping calls from iPhone

Mac Dropping Calls When Switching From iPhone (macOS Big Sur 11.1)

Is your Mac dropping calls when switching audio from iPhone? Are you picking up or dialing a call on your iOS device, but when you want to transfer it to a MacBook, the call unexpectedly hangs up? This seems to be a common macOS Big Sur 11.1 issue, that happens most often while switching audio…