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What's new in Game Center popup

What’s New In Game Center Keeps Popping Up On iPhone (Fix?)

Do you get the What’s New In Game Center popup every time you open an app that supports this Apple service? You tap Continue but the splash screen keeps popping up every time you open a game?…

Game Center Widgets

New Game Center Widgets For iPhone And iPad In iOS 15

In iOS 15 you can add new Game Center widgets on iPhone & iPad Home Screen. They allow you to quickly open recently played games and get an easy glance at what your friends are playing. The widgets come in all three sizes: small, medium and large and are available in the Widget Gallery!…

ios game center app discontinued

How To Disable iOS Game Center On iPhone And iPad

A few years ago Game Center was a mandatory feature for every iPhone and iPad owner. It was a standalone app and you could not sign out of it with losing the privilege of browsing the App Store. Game Center is still used to track scores on a leaderboard, compare achievements, invite friends and play…