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home climate lock screen widget

Climate Lock Screen Widget Shows Decimal Temp Values! [TIL]

Apple has unlocked the Temperature and Humidity sensors of the HomePod mini and the new HomePod 2. But did you know that the new Climate Lock Screen widget of the Home app is able to provide even more granular temperature readings?…

no weather data ios 16.2

No Weather Data iOS 16 Error On iPhone Weather Widget? Fix!

Seeing No Weather Data error message on iPhone? Home Screen Weather widget not working after iOS 16.2 update? Same issue occurring on iPad or Mac after iPadOS 16.2 and macOS Ventura 13.1 updates?…

alarm widget broken ios 16.1

Alarms Not Showing On Lock Screen? Alarms Off iOS 16.1 Bug?

Alarm not showing on Lock Screen? Top Lock Screen widget displays ‘Alarms Off’ although an alarm is scheduled for the next morning? Small alarm widget shows ‘NO’ instead of the actual alarm time, after iOS 16.1 update?…

facebook widget missing ios 16

Facebook Widget Missing From Home Screen In iOS 16? (Fix!)

Is the Facebook widget missing from iPhone Home Screen in iOS 16? It was working but has suddenly disappeared after the iOS 16.1 update? It’s also not available in the Home Screen Add Widget gallery although Facebook app is installed and running on your device?…

music widget stuck on Lock Screen

Apple Music Widget Stuck On Lock Screen In iOS 16? (Fixed!)

Is the Apple Music widget stuck on Lock Screen? The Now Playing controls glance won’t go away even though there’s no music playing anymore on iPhone or on other devices added to the Home app? This is a minor iOS 16 bug that can be easily fixed….