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iPhone XR vs iPhone XS

iPhone XR vs iPhone XS – 10 Differences

The iPhone XR pre-orders start this Friday, October 19, at 12:01 am PST, while deliveries are scheduled to start one week later. If you haven’t decided already what iPhone model to purchase, from the 2018 lineup, check out this comparison between the XR and the iPhone XS flagship. You have the option to pick the…

How to force close apps on iPhone XS Max.

How To Close Apps On iPhone XS, XS Max And XR

In iOS whenever you exit an app to return to the Home screen or to switch to another screen, the exited application remains opened in the background and accessible from the App Switcher panel. If the Background app refresh setting is turned ON, the software in question also retrieves and sends data while in standby…

Unresponsive iPhone XS

What To Do If iPhone XS Becomes Unresponsive And Display Doesn’t Wake!

The iPhone XS is the best Apple smartphone ever manufactured, at this point in time. However, nothing is perfect and neither is this 4-figure iOS device. iOS 12 is also the most advanced iPhone and iPad operating system ever created. Nevertheless, it isn’t bug-free and probably, never be, no matter how many updates Apple issues….

iphone xs head rf exposure

iPhone XS, XS Max And iPhone XR SAR Values

iPhones aren’t the most user-friendly devices when it comes to radio frequency exposure. Traditionally Apple’s smartphones are bombarding their owners with more radiation when compared to their biggest rivals from Samsung. Although, all iOS device are within the accepted FCC limits they always tend to score towards the higher end of the spectrum. The iPhone…

iPhone XS iP68 water and dust resistant

The iPhone XS And XS Max Are Highly Water Resistant But Not Waterproof

The 2018 iPhone flagships are the first ever Apple smartphones to receive a water resistance rating of IP68. This is the maxim rating when it comes to water and dust protection. However, this doesn’t mean that they are waterproof. Past models like the iPhone X, 8 and older have only managed to score a rating…