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How To Send PayPal Money To Facebook Messenger Contacts From iPhone And iPad

Facebook and PayPal have managed to get ahead of Apple when it comes to peer-to-peer payments, although the Cupertino-based tech giant has announced Apple Pay Cash since May, during WWDC 2017. The person-to-person payment option for iMessage hasn’t premiered, as expected, with the release of iOS 11 and will most likely be enabled in the…

Sending PayPal payment via Siri.

How To Ask Siri To Send Or Request PayPal Payments

Paypal is the first online payment processors to take advantage of Siri’s expanded third party integration opportunities. Apple allows its virtual assistant a larger range of movement, starting with iOS 10. This permits iOS app developers to include Siri in tasks like sending or requesting money, dispatching messages, dialing VoIP calls, asking for rides, starting…