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CarPlay Unable to Play Podcasts

Unable To Play Podcasts CarPlay Error In iOS 15 (Fix?)

Are you getting the Unable to play Podcasts error in CarPlay? You’re asked to ‘check Apple Podcasts on your iPhone’, when you stop driving? Does this issue happen since updating to iOS 15?…

Spotify Top Podcasts & Trending Podcasts charts on iPhone

How To Browse Spotify Top Podcasts & Trending Podcasts On Mobile

Spotify has recently introduced two new charts for its Podcasts section. They’re called ‘Top Podcasts’ and ‘Trending Podcasts’ and include a collection of shows that have the most listeners in a certain region or country. The popular music streaming service already has this feature available for its web interface for some time now. Thanks to…

watchOS 5 Podcasts app and AirPods.

watchOS 5 Podcasts App Tips And Tricks

Podcasts is one of the new stock apps available on your Apple Watch in watchOS 5. It allows you to listen your favorite podcasts without needing the paired iPhone. What you need though is your AirPods or any other pair of Bluetooth headphones, because the Apple Watch’s speaker is only available for the audio notifications,…